Dierks Bentley Praises Jordan Davis: ‘The Love Was Real’

Dierks Bentley is an even bigger fan of Jordan Davis, now that his Gravel & Gold Tour has wrapped. The Arizona native shared a sweet post on social media, along with a series of photos, praising Davis after the tour’s final show.

“The love was real y’all!,” Bentley writes. “Between me and [Davis] and my band and his, made this THE most fun tour/summer ever. (say it every year but I really mean it this time haha). The second he walked on stage at our first show in Toronto, the whole energy of the tour shifted. He packs so much positivity and energy in his show, he couldn’t hide his love of performing if he wanted to.

“I’ll miss the pickleball, torturing him with sub 30-degree cold plunges, parking lot workouts, whiskey sipping and old school country, and the energy he brought to What Was I Thinkin’ every night,” he adds. “Dude loves Jesus, his family, friends and fans. Simple formula that makes him someone you just want to be around. Go check him out on his Damn Good Time Tour this Fall.”

The love was real y’all! Between me and @jordandavisofficial and my band and his. Made this THE most fun tour/summer…

Posted by Dierks Bentley on Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The love between Bentley and Davis definitely goes both ways. Davis is a big fan of Bentley as well, especially after spending so much time with him on the road.

“This used to be a dream,” the “Next Thing You Know” singer says. “You get to move to Nashville, you get to have songs. You get to do this for a living, and you get to go out and play shows. You get to show up every day and call a writing session, writing songs, going to work. For even this 34-year-old Jordan Davis, to look over and watch Dierks Bentley watching every single second of my show, it kind of choked me up, because I love the guy to death. He’s been so gracious to me, my band and my crew.

“But to go back … It’s another one of those 100 times you wish you could go back and say, ‘Hey man, in 2023, you’re gonna tour with this guy,’” he continues. “‘You’re gonna be able to call him a friend. You’re gonna form a relationship with him. And he’s gonna have you out on tour, and he’s not gonna miss a show.’ That’s the stuff that will stick with you forever.”

Davis will headline his own Damn Good Time Tour this fall, and join Luke Combs as the opening act for Combs’ Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour in 2024. Find all of Bentley’s music and upcoming shows at Dierks.com. Davis’ music and upcoming shows can be found at JordanDavisOfficial.com.