Jordan Davis, ‘Next Thing You Know’: Story Behind the Song

Jordan Davis is celebrating his sixth No. 1 hit with “Next Thing You Know.” The song, which Davis wrote with Chase McGill, Greylan James, and Josh Osborne, is from his sophomore Bluebird Days album, released earlier this year.

Davis chose to break the songwriting mold with “Next Thing You Know.” it was a risk, but one he rightfully believed would pay off in the end.

“There’s no chorus to this song,” Davis tells UMG Nashville. “And I think it’s really cool that all we do is repeat ‘Next Thing You Know’ throughout it, but when you’re trying to write songs for a job, not putting a chorus on it is a fast way to get it thrown into the garbage can.  I think that makes me more proud of this song in that this is what we wanted to do with it, and we just wanted to be as honest as possible in how fast life goes.”

The father of three knew as soon as he left the writing session that he had written something unique, but he had no idea at the time that “Next Thing You Know” would become his sixth chart-topping single.

“I remember leaving, telling somebody, when they were like, ‘Did you write today?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah,'” Davis recalls. “They said, ‘Did you get anything good?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we wrote a song that doesn’t even have a chorus.’ And I got the look of like, ‘Well, we’ll probably never hear that one,’ and little did I know it would connect with a whole lot of people.”

Davis is getting plenty of chances to perform “Next Thing You Know,” while he serves as direct support for all dates on  Dierks Bentley‘s Gravel & Gold Tour. But even as soon as it was released, the Louisiana native had a feeling the song was something special.

“I think even early on, a month or two into releasing it, fans were chanting for it,” Davis says. “I still remember the first night we played it live on the Luke Combs’ tour, I mean immediately all the cell phones come up. That’s a pretty good sign that you have something. I never thought there’d be a song that I would have circled and ready to get to as much as I am when we have ‘Buy Dirt’ at the end of the set, but now this has been a really cool middle point of the set that we get to.

“And then you add in the videos that you see on TikTok or Instagram, of just the way people really kind of grabbed onto this song and put their story to it,” he adds. “It’s the progression of life and I think it means even more to me as a dad, and it’s cool to see that connecting with a bunch of parents out there.”

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