Dolly Parton on Continuing Success: ‘I Don’t Know Why I’ve Lasted This Long’

Dolly Parton has been in the country music world for more than 50 years, and is still just as popular as ever, maybe more. The 74-year-old recently opened up about her increasing popularity over the years, humbly claiming that it remains somewhat of a mystery to her.

“I don’t know why I’ve lasted this long, and why they act like I’m still important, but it makes me feel good,” Dolly shared on the Bobby Bones Show. “I’m just so touched with it. I think I’ve been around so long, I’ve just brought it all back around. My fans, they had kids, and they introduced them. Now they’re having kids or grandkids. Working with Miley on Hannah Montana I think really opened up that world of young kids to me at that time. And so, I’ve just kind of rolled with it.”

The Country Music Hall of Fame member seems genuinely intrigued that her music, and her life, continues to interest so many people, which only makes her more endearing to her fans.

“I’m touched and honored that I’m still around and that I’m able to still be important in the business,” Dolly told Billboard. “I honestly feel like I’m just getting started. I know that sounds crazy but I really feel like I might have a big music career, record career. Who knows?”

The East Tennessee native might not understand how her fame continues to rise, but she isn’t going to take any of it for granted.

“‘To whom much is given, much is required.’ So I look at my life with that every day and think that God expects it of me,” Dolly said. “I expect it of myself, and I think people expect it of me. If I can be an inspiration, then I want to be that. That makes me feel good.”

Dolly just released her  A Holly Dolly Christmas album, and will also star in the Netflix movie, Christmas on the Square, appearing as an angel opposite Christine Baranski. Dolly also wrote all of the music for the movie, which will be released on November 22.