Garth Brooks Has ‘A Lot of New Music’ Coming This Fall

Garth Brooks‘ fans are in luck. The Country Music Hall of Fame member has plans for plenty of new music coming out, and soon.

“We got a lot of new music coming out this fall,” Brooks teases on Good Morning America. “We’ve been off for a while; we had the Comeback Tour, the Stadium Tour, and now we’ve got this residency, which allows you time to get in the studio, which is fun. So we’ve got some new music coming out, and mixing it with the old stuff.

“‘Cause my thing is, too many times, we go to concerts, and somebody drops a whole new record, instead of playing the old stuff,” he adds. “We’re very proud of our old stuff, so anywhere we go, even with the new stuff, we’ll bring the old stuff with us.”

While plenty of people flock to Las Vegas to see jaw-dropping, theatrical shows, Brooks makes it clear that fans who head to Sin City for his Garth Brooks/Plus ONE, held at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, are there solely for the music.

“Right now it seems like everything is so — either divided left or right or whatever — but when it comes to music, we all kind of are from the same family. So that’s what the Caesars residency kind of focuses on,” Brooks says. “No lasers, no trapeze, no nothing — that’s for other shows in Vegas. For us, we just focus on the music.

“The people come in, they sing, they kind of take it over,” he continues. “And the next thing you know, you don’t know what the next song is — nobody’s got control of the ship. But wherever you’re going, you’re going there together and you’re having a good time doing it. So that’s the fun of it.”

Brooks launched his The BIG 615 radio station, available exclusively on Brooks’ own SEVENS Radio Network, on TuneIn in June. He also just added his Tailgate Radio, which offers “extensive global sports coverage, including “complete coverage of the 2023 College Football season, to help fans get the party started before every game and keep it going even after the game is over,” per a press release.

In addition to new music, a Las Vegas residency and his own radio stations, Brooks is also hard at work on his Friends in Low Places bar, restaurant and music venue, located in downtown Nashville.

“The first floor is just, bring your helmet,” Brooks says with a laugh, on his weekly Inside Studio G Facebook series. “It’s going to be crazy. The second floor gives you a little break from it, but it’s still right in your face. The third floor is just going to be Trisha Yearwood classic cool. That’s going to be where all the best food is. That’s going to be where everything is. But the fourth floor, The Oasis, up on top, that’s gonna be where the party’s at. This should be fun.”

Brooks will also perform at the inaugural Sugar Bowl, along with Lainey Wilson and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The event will be held on Saturday, September 2, at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. Keep track of all of Brooks’ music and upcoming shows at