Garth Brooks Wants To Sing a Duet With Reba McEntire

Garth Brooks has sung with plenty of artists, but one that he still wants to duet with is Reba McEntire. After McEntire said she would love to sing with Brooks, while he was interviewing her on TalkShopLive about the release of her upcoming Not That Fancy book and album, Brooks reveals that he would love nothing more than to sing with McEntire someday.

“There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t want to sing with Reba McEntire. She’s the tornado. If you remember, I’m the Garth quake,” Brooks said on his weekly Inside Studio G Facebook series, referring to his concert last year in Baton Rouge which registered as an earthquake due to the response of the crowd.

“I love Reba McEntire,” he continued. “Reba was kind of why you get to do this, because you believed it could happen to you. If it happened to a gal out of a really small town, singing country music, maybe it could happen to you too. I love Reba. She’s been a light out there in the distance for me.”

Want to see what being Garth’s Plus ONE in VEGAS is all about?!

Wanna see what being Garth’s Plus ONE in VEGAS is all about?

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Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, May 22, 2023


McEntire is already making plans, not only for their duet, but the socialization they could have after they leave the studio, with their significant others, Brooks’ wife, Trisha Yearwood, and McEntire’s boyfriend, Rex Linn.

“A lot of fun, lots of fun,” McEntire said on TalkShopLive, speaking about singing with Brooks. “We would record and then we’d go out and eat and visit. Rex and Trisha would join us, and we’d just have a blast.”

Not surprisingly, McEntire also recently revealed she would like to collaborate with Brooks someday as well.

“I’ve never recorded anything with Garth,” McEntire told E! News. “That might be something to look forward to.”

Elsewhere in their TalkShopLive conversation, Brooks praised McEntire, and other iconic female artists, not only for their talent, but their work ethic as well.

“Here’s the deal: girls have to work a thousand times harder in this business than guys to get half as much,” Brooks said, sharing advice he gives aspiring artists. “They just do. But people like Dolly [Parton], Reba, Trisha, you’re not gonna hear them b—- or complain, you’re just gonna see them roll up their sleeves and go out and get it done. I say that’s what you wanna do.”

“So if you’re a girl in this business, work ethic, work ethic,” he added. “If you’re a guy in this business, it will pay off if you work like a girl because man, you guys work tough, man.”

Brooks just launched his Garth Brooks/Plus ONE residency, held at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The residency, which has already been extended into 2024, promises a unique experience with Brooks, and special guests each night, one that fans can’t capture in real-time since cell phones are banned during the show.

“What I love about it is, what we take our phones for, is to post stuff, pictures, videos,” Brooks announced. “What we decided, you guys are so sweet to put your phones in bags, that when you open that bag, there will be an actual QR code in there, that you can scan to get pictures from the show you were at, taken professionally of course. So I’ll be looking at them before you see them, hopefully. And hopefully, they’ll be cool but not revealing the show. And my thing is, I’m trying to talk them into getting a piece of video as well.”

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