Home Free Brings the Heat With ‘Playing With Fire’ Video [WATCH]

Home Free has a fiery new video out now, for one of the songs on their latest So Long Dixie album. The five-man group just released “Playing With Fire,” appropriately using plenty of flames to bring the song to life.

All of the songs on So Long Dixie are originals, written during the time off of the road because of COVID-19.

“Downtime these past couple years combined with inspiration from touring again, got Tim [Foust] and Austin [Brown] writing,” Home Free said of their new project. “We all listened and had an idea. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do something different and uniquely ours. This collection of songs we feel not only tells great stories, but still holds true to our style you all know and love.”

Home Free is gearing up to head overseas, for their European Tour, which was originally slated for 2020, but cut short due to the global pandemic.

“We’re taking our talents to Europe this summer to continue our Road Sweet Road tour abroad!” Home Free said when the tour was announced. “Our last Euro trip got cut short by something called COVID. You may have heard of it. But we are BEYOND THRILLED to return and finish what we started!!”

Fortunately, Home Free will be able to fulfill all of their Europen tour dates, although the memory of being forced to come home will forever be in their memory.

“It was like whiplash,” Foust previously told Everything Nash. “We were literally in the middle of a European tour and we had to cut it short. We had stayed up till 2:00 AM, Europe time, to see the Presidential address. He said we were going to be banning flights from Europe. So the first thing we did was get on the phone and say, ‘Delta, get us home ASAP.’

“It was very jarring in a 24-hour period to go from being in the middle of a tour on the other side of the world, to being on our couches in our homes, not really knowing if we could or should even leave our houses,” he continued. “It was one of the more jarring experiences I’ve ever had.”

Home Free will also embark on their Home Free For The Holidays Tour later this year. The Christmas tour will begin on November 29 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and conclude on December 23 in Sioux Falls, Iowa. Find all of Home Free’s music and tour dates at HomeFreeMusic.com.