Honey County’s New Single to Appear In an Upcoming Episode of ‘Yellowstone’

Honey County is making their mark, both in music and on TV. The rising duo, made up of Dani Rose and
Sofie Lynn, just dropped their new song, “Chess,” which marks their fourth placement in the hit TV show, Yellowstone.

“We’re grateful to Taylor Sheridan for creating our favorite show and paving the way for country music to have its space in film and TV,” Honey County tells Everything Nash. “It’s pretty surreal to have music in a series with Kevin Costner.”

Honey County, whose music is influenced by their California and Texas upbringings, has also had their music in hit shows like HBO‘s True Blood and CW‘s Roswell. among others. Their fiery new single was inspired, in part, by a bar fight Lynn witnessed in California,

“I just got caught in the crossfire — or the cross-fist, if you will — but it made for a great story and it made for a great song,” Lynn recalls (via Yahoo!). “And so, here we are.”

“She didn’t intentionally try to be in the middle of this fight, she just happened to be in the middle sitting there,” adds Rose. “So we were thinking, if a fight really broke out and somebody came at us, would we cower away? Obviously, we would stand our ground.”

Honey County was just getting started in their current formation, going from a trio to a duo, with Rose recruiting Lynn to join her as part of the act, when the pandemic hit. After performing for CMA Fest and Stagecoach, the pair suddenly found themselves off the road, with no idea when they would safely be able to return to stage. Undaunted, Rose moved to be closer to Lynn, and the two got busy.

“It was really a blessing in disguise, we needed that time to get to know each other,” Rose tells American Songwriter. “When you know someone that well, because you spend almost every day with each other, it really strengthens that bond. And that will eventually translate well in our stage performance.”

The Yellowstone episode featuring Honey County’s “Chess” will air on December 26, on Paramount+. Find all of Honey County’s music by visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Elicity PR / Jade Lorna