Jelly Roll Has ‘Big, Big Regrets’ About Most Of His Tattoos

Jelly Roll wouldn’t change much about his often-troubled past, largely because it led him to his current career in country music. But there is one thing the 39-year-old wishes he could change: his numerous tattoos.

“93 percent of them,” he told Access Hollywood when asked what he regrets. “I give a different number any time. So many of them … Big, big regrets. It’s one of the few things in life I regret besides my criminal record. I got some of these when I was like 14. I had no business picking lifelong tattoos at 14.”

Jelly Roll never imagined, when spending his youth and early adult years in and out of prison, including being charged with a felony, that he would one day be one of the biggest hitmakers in country music. And now, if he could go back, he knows exactly what he would say to his younger self.

“One, I would tell him, ‘Buckle in, baby. You have no clue,'” Jelly Roll says. “‘Everything you think you already gave up on and you thought can’t happen, is going to happen times ten. In fact, you’ve been thinking too small.’ That’s what I would tell him. I’d say, ‘I know you think you’re dreaming too big right now.  You’re dreaming really small. You gotta go bigger.'”

Jelly Roll not only won a  CMA Award for Best New Artist of the Year, but he also received his first two Grammy Awards nominations, both in the all-genre Best New Artist category, and for Best Country Duo/Group Performance, for his “Save Me” performance with Lainey Wilson,


I’m embarrassed to post this but my wife says honesty and rawness got me this far … I’ll post a more complete thought about this when I get my head together. I just never would’ve imagined

Posted by Jelly Roll on Friday, November 10, 2023


“I’m not sure if I’ll post this or not, but I’m so emotional,” Jelly Roll said through tears when the nominees were announced. “The greatest honor an artist can ever hear is that they’ve been nominated for a Grammy. And I got to hear that this morning. I haven’t cried like this since my daddy died. I tried to make this video seven times, y’all. I love you all.”

Jelly Roll just wrapped up his massive headlining Backroad Baptism Tour earlier this year, one of many things Jelly Roll has accomplished that he at one time would have never dreamed could be possible.

“80 days averaging five shows a week,” Jelly Roll said on social media. “Three national TV appearances in the middle of it. We also visited over ten jails or juveniles and over four rehabs, and a few homeless shelters spreading the love..Live Nation and us also agreed to give ONE DOLLAR a ticket to charity, raised another 590,000 for local at-risk youth.

“I never even dreamed this would be possible,” he continued. “My gratitude is at an all-time high. I got emotional every night on stage — seeing the impact of these songs. Seeing people laughing, dancing, crying together was something I’ll never forget. Over 50 cities were impacted by the ‘Backroad Baptism Tour.’”

Jelly Roll will join Morgan Wallen on his 2024 One Night At A Time World Tour. Find all of Jelly Roll’s music and upcoming shows at

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