Josh Turner Made a ‘Concerted Effort’ to Maintain His Career And His Marriage

Josh Turner‘s successful career has spanned two decades, and is still going strong. The 45-year-old released his debut Long Black Train album in 2003, and has maintained a steady career in the 20 years since then, all while being married to his wife Jennifer (whom he wed in 2003), and raising his four sons. It has not been easy, Turner acknowledges, but it has been worthwhile.

“It took a concerted effort for me to have a successful marriage and career at the same time. Not a lot of people can say that,” Turner tells Holler Country. “I’ve put effort and energy into my career and my marriage and I haven’t neglected either one of those things. It’s made me a tired old man. But I don’t have any regrets.”

Turner writes some, but not all, of his music, relying on advice given to him by a country music legend early in his career — advice he has heeded, even if he didn’t always like it. It was Eddy Arnold who told Turner that if he finds a good love song, to record it, even if it was written by someone he dislikes.

“That’s actually happened to me a time or two,” Turner says, refusing to divulge who that might be. “I can’t say who it is, but he’s had a lot of success. I don’t think it’s very deserving success, but that’s just my personal thought”.

The Grand Ole Opry member’s music is distinctive not only because of its pure country sound, but because of his deep bass voice, a voice that he might not have had if he didn’t have a vocal lesion in 1996, seven years before his career began. But even then, Turner knew he wanted to be a singer, so he received treatment for it, including classical vocal training and rehabilitation.

“It was a gruelling process and it took years,” Turner recalls. “But as I was coming out of that and my voice started to heal, I noticed it was not the voice I had before. It’s bigger, it’s deeper, it’s richer, I have more range, more versatility. I have a better tone. It was a blessing in disguise. I think God allowed me to go through that for a very specific reason.”

Turner will release his Greatest Hits album on September 8. The 11-track record includes his multi-platinum hits “Your Man,” “Would You Go With Me,” “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” “Hometown Girl” and more, plus “Long Black Train” and more.

“When you start out in this business, you’re never guaranteed longevity,” Turner says. “I’m humbled and thankful that I’m still around making music and that I’ve done well enough for long enough to warrant releasing a Greatest Hits album.”

See a track list for Greatest Hits below. Pre-order of the album, and all of his music and upcoming shows, can be found at

Greatest Hits Track List:

1. “Would You Go With Me” (From the album Your Man)
2. “Firecracker” (From the album Everything Is Fine)
3. “Hometown Girl” (From the album Deep South)
4. “Long Black Train” (From the album Long Black Train)
5. Why Don’t We Just Dance (From the album Haywire)
6. All Over Me (From the album Haywire)
7. “Your Man” (From the album Your Man)
8. “Time Is Love” (From the album Punching Bag)
9. “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” (From the album Haywire)
10. “Me And God” (featuring Dr. Ralph Stanley and Marty Roe, Gene Johnson and Dana Williams of Diamond Rio) (From the album Your Man)
11. “I Serve A Savior” (From the album I Serve A Savior)