Keith Urban Reveals The ‘Crazy’ Way He Loves to Celebrate Christmas

Keith Urban‘s favorite Christmas traditions have nothing to do with being in a winter wonderland. The Grand Ole Opry member, who was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, prefers to spend his holiday on a white sandy beach, instead of playing in the snow.

“We still love going to the beach at Christmas time, as long as we’re in Australia, because it’s like the Fourth of July,” Urban tells UMG Nashville. “It’s huge. Everybody’s out. It feels very celebratory. It’s in the 90s. It’s crazy, but having grown up with that, it feels very natural to me. Albeit, we still had all of the same Christmas songs, so we’re in like 90-degree heat with shorts and tank tops singing ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland.’ I remember getting Christmas cards of Santa on a surfboard, so that probably explains a lot.”

Urban, who is undoubtedly a great gift giver to his wife, Nicole Kidman, and their two daughters, still has fond memories of his favorite Christmas present, which he received 50 years ago.

“I got a yellow Tonka truck when I was about six, I think,” the 56-year-old recalls. “It’s probably still my favorite Christmas gift ever. Those things last forever, too.”

Urban, who says he loves everything about Christmas, including a fully decorated house, wrote a song in 2019, “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight,” to help celebrate the season.

“I wanted to write a song that could kind of just travel anywhere really, I guess, and be also about the sort of the romantic side of this particular Christmas Eve,” Urban explains. “The idea that this girl is about to have the bleakest Christmas ’cause there’s too much fog, there’s no snow, her mom’s not going to be able to make it, her sister can’t come, it’s all going to be a complete mess. And the guy steps up and says it’s gonna happen. ‘I’ll bring the magic.’”

Urban received an early Christmas present this year, when he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

“Being invited into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame is hands down one of the highest honors that’s ever happened to me,” Urban previously told his record label. “I’ve always loved writing songs. I’ve always loved great songwriters, and, this is a songwriting town. I mean, first the song always. The song is the very first thing. To be in this group, this incredible group of songwriters is a bit surreal. Honestly, it’s probably still sinking in.”

Urban has big plans for 2024 as well, including a brand-new album, one he has had ready to go for a few months.

“It’s so frustrating sitting on so much,” Urban recently told Access Hollywood. “It is a whole album of new music that I’m jonesing to get out, but it won’t be until early across mid to next year.”

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