Keith Urban Shares How Nicole Kidman Became a Country Music Fan

Keith Urban was just getting his country music career started when he met Nicole Kidman, whom he wed in 2006, but he had always been fond of the genre. The New Zealand native recalls a date very early in their relationship, when he played a pure country song to gauge Kidman’s reaction. Fortunately, she became an instant fan.

“The very first song I played here was ‘Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way’ by Waylon Jennings,” Urban recalls to WKML “I didn’t tell her anything, she just got in the car one day, and I hit play, and that kick drum started, and the guitar started.”

“She starts bopping her head and says, ‘Aw, I like this! What’s this?’” he adds. “So she was hooked from then on.”

Urban grew up in Australia, the son of a father who was a music fan, passing on that love to his son.

“There was such a healthy mix of contemporary country music from my dad’s record collection,” Urban says. “But also, I was just spoon-fed radio, Top 40 radio as a little kid; even in Dad’s car, we always listened to the radio. Even in the house, we seemed to listen to the radio more than we watched TV.”

The father of two recently praised Kidman after the premiere of Special Ops: Lioness, airing on Paramount+. Kidman plays a CIA official in the star-studded drama.

“Loved seeing the first episodes finally air last night of Special Ops: Lioness!” Urban tweeted. “Nic told me that Taylor Sheridan had a story he wanted to do w/ her, I knew it would be extraordinary – and sure enough – I love this series. Huge props to the whole cast – check it out now on [Paramount+]!!!!!!! Love you babygirl.”

Urban and Kidman have had plenty of highs and lows throughout their relationship, including Urban checking himself into the Betty Ford Center only a few months after they were married. Fortunately, the singer and actress have found a way to grow stronger, together, although he isn’t about to give relationship advice to anyone else.

“It’s two people, just trying to figure out how to make it work like any couple’s trying to figure out how to make it work,” Urban told 103. 7 KSON. “We’ve all got our circumstances and challenges, whatever they are, and we just figure it out a day at a time. Everybody figures out what works for them. We’ve figured out what works for us. Every couple figures out what works for them.”

Urban will continue his Las Vegas residencyKeith Urban: The Las Vegas Residency at Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino with more dates later this year, due to fan demand.

“Vegas is great,” Urban told the Country Music Association. “This is also our third time back, playing our residency there. It’s the unexpected. I think that’s what I love about Vegas. Friday night to the next Friday night is completely different, and you never know what’s going to happen in a crowd. You never know what’s going to happen in our show. The energy and the unpredictability and the rawness of it every night, I love it.”

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