Keith Urban and Snoop Dogg Sing ‘Let It Roll’ for New ‘Garfield’ Movie [WATCH]

Keith Urban is heading to the big screen, or at least his music is. The New Zealand native joins Snoop Dogg in singing “Let It Roll.” The song is part of the soundtrack for the new Garfield movie, out next month.

Urban revealed the news in a humorous post shared on social media.

“Out of the blue, I got a call from Garfield asking if I’d sing and play on a song for his movie,” Urban writes. “He told me Snoop Dogg was locked in and I thought that was super cool. The only thing cooler would’ve been Garfield in the studio with us…so I asked !! He said no. Huge bummer. Apparently, the guy hates Mondays. ‘Let It Roll’ is out now and see the Garfield Movie in theaters Memorial Day weekend:”

out of the blue, I got a call from Garfield asking if I’d sing and play on a song for his movie. He told me Snoop Dogg…

Posted by Keith Urban on Friday, April 12, 2024


Urban has a lot of other things to keep him busy this year. The father of two is working as a  Mega Mentor on this season of The Voice, while also putting the finishing touches on his next album.

“We’ll keep working our way towards a release date later this year, but I’m psyched to get it out,” Urban tells People. “It’s been a very unique journey putting all these songs together and shaping the record. And in a lot of ways, the record shaped itself. It had an energy and momentum of its own that I just started following. And I can’t put that into any other way, but that’s kind of what happened is that it felt like the record told me where to go and how to make it. It’s wild.”

Urban is also eager to play his new songs on the road, as part of a likely upcoming tour that has yet to be announced.

“I have a lot of hope,” says the singer. “And I think my calling has always been inclusivity in what I do. It’s certainly always been that way playing live in concert. My calling is to bring all these different kinds of people together and become one for a couple of hours. And it’s an amazing thing as a musician to be able to get to do that because even a sporting event splits the audience in two.

“But as musicians,” he adds, “we get to bring the most opposing kinds of people together who maybe only agree on this one thing, which is these songs in this moment.”

By his own admission, Urban never imagined he would sell millions of albums, fill large concert venues all over the world, have a long list of hits at radio, or have his music in a major movie.

“If anything, I think I’ve just gotten more clarity on why I love what I get to do,” Urban says (via Country 102.5). “I don’t think it’s changed. My understanding of why I love it has become clearer. I left school at fifteen, playing in cover bands five nights a week, four hours a night in the clubs, and only playing covers for years well into my early 20s.”

“I just wanted to be able to play my own music,” he continues. “I was hoping one day, I could write some songs that the audience would know, so I could be playing my own music, and the audience would sing along like they were singing along with Reba [McEntire] or like they were singing along with [Jimmy Buffett’s] ‘Margaritaville.’ I was hoping that I would do one of my songs, and they would do that.”

Urban currently has a Top 40 album with “Messed Up As Me,” from his next set of tunes. Find all of his music and upcoming shows at

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