Keith Urban Teases Something New on Social Media

Something new is coming this week from Keith Urban. The 56-year-old shared a cryptic social media post, with the words “Misery Still Loves Company,” and a photo of a woman’s long leg.

Urban captioned the photo by simply saying, “March 1.”

The new post comes shortly after Urban shared a black and white photo of London’s Big Ben, showing the time of 2:45, writing “hey…what are you doing right now?”

On the photo, Urban wrote what appear to be lyrics, “I’m out tonight and I’m feelin’ like / I should call you up / Maybe take a shot / That you’re wide awake / At a quarter to 3.”


The two hints come as Urban just released “Straight Line,” the first song from his upcoming, still-untitled new album.

“‘Straight Line’ was just one of those songs that, it happened from a feeling in the studio, playing, and that melody coming and the lyric coming,” Urban shared with Everything Nash during a recent virtual media event. “The song just sort of grew. It just grew really quickly. There are two songs that are on this album that came from two days of writing with three of my buddies that I love writing with, and ‘Straight Line’ was the second of the two songs we wrote.”

Urban revealed last year that he had already finished his next record, and was eagerly waiting to be ready to share it with the rest of the world.

“This is the song that kicks off an album I’m jonesing to share with you all,” Urban said when releasing “Straight Line.” “I chose it first for a lot of reasons, but particularly because I think it represents an energy and spirit that became a through line of the whole record. I’m gonna cover a lot of themes, emotions and vibes on this album but a very human spirit runs through them all.

“‘Straight Line’ is wanting to break out of a soul-sucking routine that you might be stuck in: maybe in a relationship, a job, with creativity, with yourself…whatever it is !!” he continued. “It’s a message of feeling alive again and getting out from under that dark cloud. If you’ve seen us in concert, I hope it gives you that same feeling.”

Urban originally hoped to release a new set of tunes last year, but found the project he created wasn’t the one he wanted to share.

“I started working on an album at the beginning of last year,” Urban told the Associated Press in 2023. “I spent the better part of the year in and out of the studio while I was touring, only to get to probably February of this year and sort of look at it all and feel like it really wasn’t a group of songs that was speaking to me. There was another album in me, I guess. It was a weird feeling. I actually never had that happen with a record, where I bailed on two-thirds of it. I probably kept about three out of those 12 or so songs.”

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