Kylie Frey’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition Earns Praise From Reba McEntire [WATCH]

Kylie Frey has earned a spot on America’s Got Talent. The popular rodeo singer took the stage to try to capitalize on her already well-known singing abilities by appearing on the popular reality TV talent show.

“I’m from a big rodeo family,” Frey told the four AGT judges. “I was a rodeo queen. I started singing the National Anthem for every rodeo that I showed up to, because I just love to sing.”

The 28-year-old said she not only grew up watching America’s Got Talent, but especially Simon Cowell.

“I grew up watching you on the show,” Frey told Cowell. “I had birthday parties, and I impersonated you when my friends would come over, and I was Simon.”

Frey sang an original song, “Horses in Heaven,” which she wrote for her grandfather, who encouraged her to follow in the footsteps of Reba McEntire.

“He always told me, if I sing the National Anthem for every rodeo that I showed up to, that one day, someone would ask me to sing the National Anthem at the NFR [National Finals Rodeo], which is the Super Bowl of rodeo,” Frey shared from stage. “That’s how I was gonna get my start, because that’s how Reba did and that’s how I was gonna do it too.”

McEntire heartily approved of Frey’s song, and her career path, sharing Frey’s America’s Got Talent audition on social media.

Although, surprisingly, Frey did not get the approval of all four judges, Howie Mandel was the only dissenting vote, which means Frey moved on to the next round on America’s Got Talent.

Frey might be new to a nationwide platform as large as AGT, but Frey is no stranger to country music. She has been steadily releasing music on her own, including a version of “Horses In Heaven” with Randy Houser. The collaboration occurred thanks to Frey, perhaps ironically, singing the National Anthem at NFR.

“My grandpa and I shared a lifelong dream that I would one day sing the National Anthem at the NFR,’ Frey previously said (via Country Now) “I was supposed to sing the anthem on a different night, but they called me a week later and said that they needed to move me to a different night, but they didn’t know who else would be performing yet. Well, on the night I showed up, I found out it was Randy performing and he opened the night with Johnny Cash’s ‘Old Rugged Flag.’”

“’Old Rugged Flag’ was my grandpa’s favorite rodeo opener, and he would get mad at my aunt if she did not start her rodeos with Cash’s ‘Old Rugged Flag,’” she continued. “Isn’t that crazy?! I believe that was a sign from my grandpa that this was all exactly as it was meant to be.”

It didn’t take long for Houser to become a fan of Frey, after listening to some of her music.

“I was driving around Dallas with a couple of buddies, and one of them played Kylie’s music,” Houser recalled. “When I heard ‘Horses In Heaven,’ it got to me. I felt like it was telling a story I knew. Right then, I wanted to sing on the track.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of America’s Got Talent / NBC