Luke Combs Vows to Stay in Country Music: ‘I Don’t Want To Be a Pop Star’

Luke Combs is easily one of the biggest country music superstars right now, but he has no interest in expanding his fame even further. The 33-year-old has been asked, multiple times, to join the pop world, something he says he will likely never do.

“That’s something I haven’t really entertained,” Combs says (via WUSJ). “I’ve been approached about it more than a few times, and I don’t know. It’s just [that] I feel to me, country music is enough. I don’t want to be a pop star … I love our genre and I love writing country songs with my songwriting buddies and singing them with the guys that I like to make records with.”

“I’m not chasing anything. I’m not chasing fame or notoriety or money,” he adds.

Combs, who has hinted he’d love to collaborate with Tracy Chapman on his recent No. 1 hit, “Fast Car,” says he isn’t opposed to combining his talents with a pop star — with one condition.

“If a really amazing collaboration came along, I would want it to be on a country song,” Combs says. “I would want somebody to do a country song with me. I wouldn’t want to go do a pop song with somebody else just because it would be good for my career.”

“I’ve never made decisions based on that,” he continues. “I’ve always let the music lead where we go and what we do because that’s why we’re all here. We all love music at the end of the day. I’m in the music business. I don’t love business [but] I do love music.”

Combs will head to Norway on September 30 for the final leg of his World Tour. It’s a tour he at one time could have never imagined he would be able to headline, which is why he is soaking up every moment on the road.


“This stadium tour has been insane, bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. and just absolutely crazy,” Combs tells his record label. “I never thought that we would be at this point, but here we are, and it’s been amazing. And hopefully, we continue to get to do shows on our level like this for a long time, and just enjoy it while it lasts.“

He will embark on his Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour on March 12 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, playing back-to-back shows in most cities, with Cody Jinks, The Avett Brothers and Haily Whitters among those opening for Combs on Friday nights, and Jordan DavisMitchell Tenpenny, Drew Parker and Colby Acuff opening for Combs for the Saturday night shows. Find music and tour dates at

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