Michael Ray and Meghan Patrick Release ‘Spirits and Demons’ Video [WATCH]

The video for Michael Ray‘s current single, “Spirits and Demons,” featuring Meghan Patrick, is here! The song is from Ray’s latest Dive Bars & Broken Hearts album, released last June.

“There’s great contrast in the video between my individual shots and Meghan’s shots,” Ray says of the video, directed by Sean Hagwell. “It shows how people handle the end of a relationship differently, but the result is the same: we can’t drink away our heartbreak.”

The “Spirits and Demons” video premiered on the Paramount Times Square video billboard in New York City.

“Growing up, I’d rush home from school, and the first thing I’d do is turn on CMT for the rest of the afternoon,” said Ray. “Watching those music videos helped develop my love for country music and was responsible for introducing me to some of my favorite artists. Whether it’s your first video or tenth, it never gets old seeing it come to life, let alone getting to watch it on a billboard in Times Square.”

Patrick was honored Ray asked her to join him on the heartbreak anthem.

“I’ve always been a fan of Michael’s voice,” Patrick told Everything Nash. “We’ve been friends peripherally, just through different circles over the years. When he reached out, and he sent me this song, I just felt immediately that this is a hit song. I thought that was the best his voice had ever sounded. I could really feel that he had lived it. There was a real authenticity in the emotion, and the way that he was singing it. It was like, ‘Okay, I need to meet him where he’s at with that emotion, vocally.

“I was so grateful and so honored,” she added. “He was coming off of a two-week No. 1; he probably could have asked just about any girl he wanted to join him on that song, so it really meant a lot that he believed in me, and thought that I was the right one for the job.”

Patrick might have been surprised by the invitation, but for Ray, there wasn’t another choice but her.

“Sometimes you hear a song, and it hits you: that’s just how it is,” Ray said when the song was released. “You play enough bars beyond the city limits, you see it all go down. Really good people who get in their feelings, the way a good time or a way out becomes a bottomless pit. The more I listened, the more I thought it needed something else.”

“Spirits and Demons,” and all of Ray’smusic and upcoming shows can be found at MichaelRayMusic.com.

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