Michael Ray Drops ‘Workin’ On It’ From ‘Dive Bars & Broken Hearts’ [WATCH]

Michael Ray just dropped another song and video from his new album. The Florida native released “Workin’ On It,” the second release from his forthcoming  Dive Bars & Broken Hearts album, out on June 23.

The video for “Workin’ On It” follows the storyline of “Get Her Back,” Ray’s first release from the project. But while “Get Her Back” might have had angst and heartache, “Workin’ On It” is an uplifting track that celebrates finding the good things in life.

“Life isn’t hard or some big mystery,” Ray says of the message behind “Workin’ On It.” “Even though hard things happen, you can choose to sink into those times or lift yourself up, find the good and make some happy for other people. That’s how I was raised, and that was something I wanted to throw out there. We get to pick how we act and what we do. That’s what ‘Workin’ On It’ and this video are all about.”

Of all the songs on Dive Bars & Broken Hearts, the 35-year-old says “Workin’ On It” is the one that feels the most personal to him.

“If there’s a song on this EP that’s me, it’s probably ‘Workin’ On It’,” Ray says. “It’s the idea that old cars need pieces, there’s always a project to do, but maybe the biggest project of all is… me. And that’s great. Knowing you’re always gonna try to be better, but, you know, also finding the fun in that. Isn’t that what life is all about?”

Dive Bars & Broken Hearts marks Ray’s first time working with Michael Knox, starting in many ways a new musical chapter for the hitmaker as a result.

“When you came up punching it out in bars, there’s a different kind of energy,” Ray says. “Michael let me record with live players, sing about things I knew – and trusted that who I am is who all the people I’ve been playing for since I was a kid are, too. We kept finding songs that felt right for who I am, and we kept singing live and pulling the heart out of the songs. It’s been an amazing process. When we’ve been playing, you can feel the difference with the new stuff… so we’re now using the road to really dial in what Dive Bars & Broken Hearts is gonna be.”

Find all of Ray’s music and upcoming shows at MichaelRayMusic.com.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of EB Media / Spidey Smith

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