Michael Ray’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish is Pure Decadence

Michael Ray looks forward to all of the food for his family’s Thanksgiving feast, but especially his grandmother’s famous dessert. The “Whiskey and Rain” singer shared her recipe, which sounds like pure delicious decadence.

“My grandmother makes this thing called Dump Cake,” Ray reveals to CMT’s Cody Alan. “Chocolate cake, then chocolate pudding, and then whipped cream and then Heath bars, and she stacks it like four times. So that causes some animosity in the family if it’s gone before they get there. So Dump Cake is probably my favorite.”

Ray hints on social media that he’s been eating extra healthy in anticipation of all of his favorite holiday foods.

“Been eating clean the last few days, cause come thanksgiving I’m dropping the [Hulk Hogan] leg drop on some fried Turkey,” Ray tweeted. “Ain’t no food safe.”

The Florida native loves everything about his rural upbringing, which he reflects on in the song, “Didn’t Know I Was Country,” from his latest Higher Education EP. Ray wrote the song with Taylor Phillips and Ashley Gorley.

“It was actually the last song we wrote for the project,” Ray tells Everything Nash. “I was FaceTiming one of my buddies, Taylor Phillips, who’s a writer in town. We were just talking about when you’re from a small town where it’s traditions, and you truly grew up on generational stuff. Where I’m from, I’m eighth generation or something like that, in Eustis. You grew up doing the same things your dad did. You grew up doing the same as your mom did. You grew up riding to the same places, you grew up on the same clay pits. You grew up doing the same stuff. It’s just this cool circle.”

Ray knew he wrote something special when the song was finished, but didn’t realize how much his fans would latch on to the pensive tune until he started playing it live.

“When I started playing it out, and started seeing the reaction at writer’s rounds with it, and that reaction of people that may not even be from the country,” Ray refelcts. “They’re from other parts of the world, parts of the United States, but they put their life in there. And that’s what we hoped we would have.”

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