Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery Celebrates International Tennessee Whiskey Day

Cheers to Tennessee! A new order was passed that makes May 21 officially International Tennessee Whiskey Day. With Tennessee’s history of making whiskey dating back to the pre-Civil War era, the state is also home to Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, where Charles Nelson’s historic Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey began, and the standard by which all future Tennessee Whiskeys became judged.

Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey is now available at Green Brier Distillery, made using the original process and recipe, and honoring those who helped make Tennessee Whiskey famous worldwide.

Now that International Tennessee Whiskey Day is official, I am going to celebrate with The Original Tennessee Whiskey, Nelson’s Green Brier,” Charlie Nelson, founder of Green Brier Distillery, tells Everything Nash. “We are proud to honor the traditions and methods that Charles Nelson established over 150 years ago that help set the standard by which future Tennessee Whiskeys would be judged. So, let’s toast to Tennessee Whiskey, and give Green Brier a try, if you haven’t already! Cheers!”

Ironically, May 21 is also the date Tennessee repealed the ban on making alcoholic beverages 84 years ago, in 1937.

Green Brier Distillery also offers several different tasting options, including a Cocktail Experience, Create Your Own Bitters Class, Unlocking the Top Shelf: Developing Your Palate, and a Tasting Experience. Other Premium and Top Shelf Experiences are also available.

Green Brier Distillery is located at 1414 Clinton Street, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203. Find more information by visiting

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