Parmalee Announces Release of ‘For You 2’ Album in September

Two years after the release of Parmalee‘s For You album, the four-man group announces the release of For You 2. The record, which has five new songs, already includes their two No. 1 hits from the project, both “Just the Way,” their collaboration with Blanco Brown, and “Take My Name.” Parmalee is also including their current Top 10 single, “Girl in Mine,” on the new set of tunes.

“The support from our fans for this album has been amazing,”  lead singer Matt Thomas says. “It’s been two years, almost to the date, that we released For You, and we just weren’t ready to be done with it. So, we’re excited to announce that we’re gonna add ‘Girl In Mine’ and four new tracks and For You 2 will be out September 22.”

Parmalee also teased the new songs in a video shared on social media.


The wait is almost over! We have NEW MUSIC coming on 9/22 – Pre-Save “For You 2” now!!

Posted by Parmalee on Tuesday, August 1, 2023



“Girl in Mine” was written by Thomas, along with Ashley Gorley, Casey Brown, Travis Wood and David Fanning.

“We were in co-write session and that was one of the ideas that a co-writer had,” Thomas tells Everything Nash. “And as soon as I heard that hook line, I was like, ‘All right, I’m in. This is fun. This is right along the same lanes of everything we’re doing, speaking right to a girl.’ It just had a vibe. We needed something fun like this.”

With two back-to-back chart-topping singles, and “Girl in Mine” seemingly poised to be Parmalee’s third in a row, Thomas admits there is pressure, but not just because of their recent successes.

“It never stops,” Thomas acknowledges with a laugh. “You just gotta go with your gut and go with what feels right, and just hope. With the last two songs, we really kind of hit a nerve. I kind of hit a lane and I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s stay there for at least one more, and send one more down the pipeline.’ And I feel like this song definitely is. It’s my favorite song to play live, I’m not gonna lie. It’s great.”

Parmalee is headlining several of their own shows over the next few months, along with opening for Russell Dickerson for select shows on his Big Wheels & Back Roads Tour, which kicks off on September 21.

Pre-order of For You 2 can be found here. See a track listing for the record below. Find all of Parmalee’s music and upcoming shows at

For You 2 Track List:

1.“For You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson)
2. “Just the Way” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe)
3. “Backroad Girl” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Blake Bollinger, Brinley Addington)
4. “Take My Name” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning, Ben Johnson)
5. “I Do” – (Tyler Hubbard, Matt Thomas, Corey Crowder, David Fanning)
6. “Miss You” – (Michael Tyler, Matthew McGinn, David Fanning)
7. “Greatest Hits (feat. Fitz)” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe, Andrew Goldstein, Michael Fitzpatrick)
8. “Better With You” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning)
9. “Forget You – (feat. Avery Anna)” (Matt Thomas, Shane Minor, David Fanning, Thomas Archer)
10. “Alone Like That” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, David Fanning, James McNair)
11. “I See You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson, Steven McMorran)
12. “I’ll Take The Chevy” – (Matt Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Zachary Kale, James McNair, Josh Mirenda)
13. “For You”– (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, Josh McSwain, Scott Thomas, David Fanning)
*14. “Girl In Mine” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Casey Brown)
*15. “Gonna Love You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Abram Dean, Andy Sheridan)
*16. “Is It Just Me” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson)
*17. “Boyfriend” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps)
*18. “Wish I Never Loved You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Andy Sheridan)

*Denotes new tracks

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Press On Publicity / Joseph Llanes