Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus Thanks Fans After Loss of Father

Jay DeMarcus is speaking out after the loss of his father, who passed away on October 29. The Rascal Flatts member praised fans, in a lengthy message he shared on social media, for their prayers and support during the difficult time.

“I was overwhelmed last week by the outpouring of love and support that you guys showed to me, after I had announced the passing of my father last Thursday morning,” Jay began. “I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, and my family’s heart, thank you so much for all of the strength that you gave us through one of the most difficult times I’ve ever had to face in my adult life. Losing a parent probably has to be one of the hardest things we’re ever required to go through in this life, and it certainly was for me. We had a wonderful service on Thursday and we laid my dad to rest.

“I could really feel all the prayers and support and love from everybody as we conducted the service,” he continued. “It was beautiful. My dad’s home now. He’s not in pain anymore, and that is the greatest gift to know that, and to know that the hope that we have as believers in Christ is that our goodbye is temporary. It’s not permanent. I’m grateful to know that one day, I will meet my dad again in Heaven.”

Jay also used the time to encourage those still struggling in the wake of the tumultuous election season.

“I hope that we can all start to heal, and start to move forward, and come together in this nation now,” Jay said. “It’s been difficult for a lot of people; difficult to get through this election cycle. I realize that. I’ve said it for so long from the stage, and I’ll say it again: before we were Democrats or Republicans, we were Americans first.

“And I hope that we can find some common ground to start loving each other sometimes through our differences,” he added. “It’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to see things differently. I hope we’re able to do that sooner rather than later.”

According to the obituary for Jay’s father, in lieu of flowers, the family asked for donations to MusiCares, in his honor.

Rascal Flatts will perform at the 2020 CMA Awards on Wednesday, November 11. They are also nominated in one category, Vocal Group of the Year.