Scotty McCreery Is Inducted by Josh Turner Into the Grand Ole Opry [WATCH]

Scotty McCreery is officially a Grand Ole Opry member. The North Carolina native was inducted on Saturday, April 20, by Josh Turner, who became emotional when sharing his thoughts on McCreery.

“Tonight is obviously a very special night for my friend Scotty McCreery, as we stand on or near this circle of wood on the Opry stage, that was brought from the historic Ryman Auditorium,” Turner began. “I’m reminded of the Carter Family classic, ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken,’ which is a symbolic song that has been sung on the Opry stage more times than we count.”

Turner went on to share how the song symbolizes the carrying on of the traditions of country music, one that he learned from Randy Travis — who was in attendance — and one that he hoped to have helped instill in McCreery.

“I don’t want to speak for Scotty, but I’ll never forget getting the call that ‘A young guy just sang your song on American Idol,'” Turner shared. “I’d learned after the fact that he had actually come to one of my shows a week or two before auditioning for the TV show, and he continued to sing my songs. I then realized that I had really influenced this young man, and I stand here tonight proud of the fact that I bridged the gap between the generation of Randy Travis and Scotty McCreery. Only time will tell who will be inspired by Scotty to do great things in this business.”


Turner teared up as he concluded his heartfelt speech, honoring McCreery officially becoming a Grand Ole Opry member.

“Scotty’s not only a fine singer and a songwriter, but he’s a great man, great husband and now father,” Turner said. “I’m proud of him. I’m proud to know him, and I’m proud that he’s filling the shoes of those that have gone before him. With artists like him, country music is in great shape. Scotty, it is my distinct honor to say congratulations on officially becoming the newest member of the world-famous home of country music, the Grand Ole Opry.”

McCreery was beaming as he greeted Travis, who joined Turner to induct McCreery, and gave his first speech as an Opry member.

“I’m wishing I wrote a speech right now, actually,” McCreery said. “This night is just, it’s unbelievable. It really is. My mama came to the Opry in 1978. Whispering Bill was playing that night, and I heard stories of the Opry, and heard the Opry, and have such a deep respect for this tradition, and the history of the Opry. If you listened to any of my interviews for the last 13 years of doing this, they’d say, ‘What’s your biggest goal in doing any of this?’ and I would always say, ‘One day I want to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry.’ I gotta go home and start writing a new bucket list.”

“I’m not going to keep you all too long talking, but one thing I will say is, this is not possible without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he shared. “I’ve been very blessed, and I feel like He’s blessed me to bless others, so thank you all for allowing me to have fun for a living, make up country songs. I appreciate you all being here. I’m so glad it worked out. I don’t know what else the heck I’d be doing for a living, so this is great.”

McCreery also thanked the “village” that helps him, including his management, agents, songwriters and more.

“My family, my friends, my beautiful bride, and my little boy, Avery … One day I want to be able to look at Avery — he might not understand tonight — but one day  I’ll tell him, ‘Hey buddy, this was your daddy’s dream, and it came true.’ So hopefully one day he’ll go chase his dreams as well, because one day they could come true … Thank you all so much. I love you and I’m so proud to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

McCreery’s Rise and Fall  album will be out on May 10. Find all of his music and upcoming shows at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry / Chris Hollo

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