Reba McEntire Makes Her Triumphant Debut On ‘The Voice’ [WATCH]

Reba McEntire has officially made her debut as a coach on Season 24 of The Voice. The country music superstar joined Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Niall Horan for the season premiere on Monday, September 24, where in true McEntire fashion, she showed up early — and ready to work.

“Well, it’s the first day of The Voice,” McEntire said in a video she shared on social media. “We’re all so excited, we got here early early. The team got here, I think an hour and a half early; Rex and I did about 30 minutes early. We’re so ready and so proud and so grateful to be part of The Voice family for the 24th season, starting today.”

McEntire has already added to her team, even after the opening night. The Country Music Hall of Fame member first landed Jordan Rainer, an artist who boldly auditioned by singing McEntire’s famous hit, “Fancy.” Rainer earned a four-chair turnaround but ultimately chose McEntire.

“Well this is just wild,” Rainer, who is from Atoka, Oklahoma, home of McEntire’s Reba’s Place restaurant, later said on Facebook. “I was born with a birth defect that affected my vocal cords. Singing wasn’t in the cards for me as a career, so I hoped to be a successful songwriter and guitarist.  Then, a vocal coach helped me get diagnosed and I started getting treated for my problem and I found out there was a FIVE OCTAVE range buried under scar tissue and inflammation.

“I started working my butt off to rehabilitate my voice and here we are! A four chair turn on [The Voice]!,” she added. “Hard work pays off! Never give up on something you want to achieve!!”

McEntire also landed Jackson Snelling on her team, who performed a cover of Justin Moore‘s “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.”

“I’ll tell you, Jackson, I love country music so much,” McEntire said as part of her successful plea to get him to join her team. “I grew up on a working cattle ranch. I’m a third-generation rodeo brat, so country music is my life, my foundation. So to hear you come on The Voice, and sing like you did today, I am just so proud to be in the country music business, and proud that you’re representing us here on The Voice today.”

McEntire previously admitted that being part of the Blind Auditions was much more challenging than she originally anticipated.

‘The Blind Auditions are so much harder than I thought they were gonna be,” McEntire said. “They block you, and it’s just so devious, but a lot of fun too. Everybody’s just as sweet as kind off-stage as they can be. When they come on the stage though, they kind of change their personality.

“They’re real mean. Especially Gwen,” she joked.

All kidding aside, the 68-year-old was thrilled to join the cast, filling the space left vacant when Blake Shelton left the show.

“John and Niall [are] all really funny and clever, and always have so many smart things to say, so I’ve got my work cut out for me,”  McEntire told People. “I’m most excited about basically getting started, and I’m sure that I’ll have lots of help, lots of advice, lots of people coming around saying, ‘You can do this. You can do that.’ And I’m not afraid at all. I think it’ll be a very fun adventure.”

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM ET on NBC.