Rising Star Dani Taylor Shares Hopeful Story Behind ‘Man of Few Words [EXCLUSIVE]

Dani Taylor isn’t afraid to bare her soul in her music. The rising star released “Man of Few Words,” a romantic love song inspired not by a relationship she is in now, but the one she hopes to be in someday.

“It’s a song I wrote to manifest the type of love I hope to find one day,” Dani told Everything Nash. “And I know the kind of love that a lot of other people have found. Basically, that’s kind of the main gist about the story behind the song. I definitely wrote it with the intent of people using it to show their love for their spouse or partner.”

Dani admits she has yet to experience the kind of love she sings about in “Man of Few Words,” but she is willing to wait patiently until that person comes along.

“I have actually been single for five years, so I was thinking about relationships,” Dani admitted. “It’s literally my hopes and dreams for the future, because I’ve never been in a relationship like that. I think it’s beautiful, and I think in general men express their love through actions more than words.  I definitely think it’s a song for everyone. I’ve had a lot of people actually comment back to me on social media and say, ‘My husband talks a lot, but I still love this song.”

Dani’s own path to a career in music came about, at least in part, due to a painful split from someone she was dating, which ultimately led her to the career she has now.

“I went through a really big breakup, and I was kind of lost in life,” the Arizona native admitted. “I didn’t know what to do. I have my degree in English. I was always a singer, and I watched The Voice one day and I said, ‘I want to be on that show.’ So I started taking vocal lessons, and I picked up singing again and then I picked up guitar, and then I just started writing. And then I discovered country music, because I wasn’t raised on it, and the rest is history.”

Dani is releasing an EP in February, which will include “Man of Few Words.” She also just released a Christmas song, “Does It Snow In Nashville.” All of Dani’s music can be found at DaniTaylorMusic.com.