Rory Feek Finds Love Again, 8 Years After the Loss of His Wife, Joey

Rory Feek is in love again. The singer-songwriter shared the news in a blog post, revealing he began dating a school teacher, eight years after his wife, Joey, passed away from cancer.

“This coming week will be eight years since Joey passed away and was laid to rest in the cemetery behind our farmhouse,” Feek writes. “In some ways, it feels as if nothing’s changed since that day in 2016, but in other ways, it feels like everything has. But the truth is, it’s a little bit of both. This year in particular, as I reflect on the beautiful story that God gave us together, and the new one that He began writing when she was gone, I’m reminded in particular of another story that both she and I read long ago, and loved.”

Feek has two adult daughters from a previous relationship. He and Joey had one daughter, Indiana, who was just two years old when her mother passed away.

“Although I can honestly tell you that after losing Joey I wasn’t sure it was even possible (actually I was fairly sure it wasn’t), love has shown up in my life again,” Feek reveals. “Although in a quieter and gentler way than I knew before, it has come just the same. And it’s been a wonderful thing.”

Feek goes on to share that he is dating a woman named Rebecca, who has been a teacher at the one-room schoolhouse on Feek’s property for the last five years.

“Though we’ve known each other for a long while, and I’ve always thought highly of her, I never really knew her,” Feek says. “But in the last year or so, as we began to spend more and more time together, outside of being Indy’s school teacher and a part of our festival and farm, I was given the opportunity to learn who she really is and what she wants out of life. And I’ve discovered a truly wonderful, kind, generous person who is beautiful on the inside and out.”

A former bank worker, fluent in Spanish thanks to a childhood in Mexico as the daughter of missionaries, Rebecca began working at the school, first to teach Spanish, then as the school’s only full-time teacher.

“Although Rebecca was married before, she shared that God had never blessed her with the ability to have children,” Feek says. “So when she applied, a part of me hoped that if she started working at the schoolhouse, perhaps in some way, these could be her children and help fill the incredible void for children of her own that has always been in her heart and life. And I think they have in many ways. She’s so good with them and loves them all and they love her.

“But here recently, I have begun to wonder if she’s here for even more reasons than those,” he continues. “That maybe, just maybe, the little one I have, who has never really known her Mama, might be getting the opportunity to be loved and cared for by someone who loves and cares for her Mama too.”

Rebecca has, according to Feek, been patient as he navigates the grief of losing his wife with the ability to love again.

“One morning a few months ago, when Rebecca and I had a moment together without Indy, I told her, for the first time, ‘You know I love you, Rebecca. You know that right?'” Feek remembers. “And though it wasn’t much of a declaration, it was all I had to give. But just as the words left my mouth, she smiled and said ‘I do. Thank you for telling me though,’ my tears started falling and I began sobbing almost uncontrollably. Afraid that even in saying it, I was somehow not honoring Joey’s memory. Or maybe just afraid to let go, and let love actually in.”

Eight years ago today, on March 4, 2016, Joey passed away from cancer. Read Feek’s entire blog post here.

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