Scotty McCreery On Being Inducted Into the Grand Ole Opry: ‘It’s Very Special’

Scotty McCreery is officially a member of the Grand Ole Opry. The North Carolina native was inducted on Saturday, April 20, by Josh Turner, after being invited in December by Garth Brooks to officially join the Opry.

“This is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid,” McCreery shared ahead of his induction. “Since I was a kid, my mom was telling me about coming to the Opry in the ’70s, when she was younger. Whispering Bill was playing that night. She’ll never forget it. I’ve always hoped this day would come, so it’s very special.”

McCreery, at 30 years old, is one of the younger members of the Grand Ole Opry, but that doesn’t mean he takes his membership any less seriously. His young age makes him revere his induction as an official member of the Opry even more, joining some of his heroes like Bill Anderson, Randy Travis, Reba McEntire and more.

“I’m still wrapping my head around it,” admitted the singer. “Those are my heroes that are on that wall. I was told today that my mailbox I had was formerly owned by Loretta Lynn. My truck’s named Loretta back home, because she means so much to me. These things are so cool. But to be honest, I take it as a responsibility, this membership to me. I want to carry the torch for country music. I want to carry the torch for the Opry proudly, around the country and around the world. The fact that they believe in me and my music, and what I believe and offer to this family just means the world to me.”

McCreery hand-picked Turner to officially induct him into the Opry, with Travis also in attendance. It was Turner who had the biggest impact on his career, even since before McCreery was on American Idol.

“Josh, he’s become a good buddy of mine, which is amazing,” McCreery said. “He really was one of my biggest influences and heroes growing up, listening to country music. Back to ‘Everything Is Fine’ and obviously, ‘Your Man.’ I’ve told him many times, ‘Josh, when I got started … I would have gotten sick of me so quick. This guy’s just singing your music over and over.’ But I just loved it so much.”


In fact, it was Turner’s first hit single that got McCreery’s now-soaring career started, when he was just a kid.

“I was singing ‘Long Black Train’ at church, and that was kind of when I started doing the thing when I’d get out in front of people and sing songs,” McCreery revealed. “I was singing ‘Long Black Train’ and ‘Haywire,’ ‘Why Don’t We Just Dance,’ Firecracker,’ all his songs. He’s just got his stamp on it. You know it’s a Josh Turner song. So the fact that he’s become a buddy is awesome. He’s a great guy, other than the fact that he’s a Duke basketball fan. We’ll give him a pass on it. … Getting inducted, they said, ‘Who would be your top choices to do the induction?’ I gave them my list, but Josh was at the top of it. I’m very glad that he took the time out to be here.”

Ahead of his induction, McCreery spoke out about being part of an institution he has dreamed of joining for most of his life.

“It feels pretty fantastic, to be honest,” McCreery told Everything Nash. “It’s a dream come true. It’s an invitation — you never know if you’re going to get that call, so it just means the world. And how it went down, with Garth Brooks being the one to do the invitation, and Josh Turner being the guy to induct me. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have thought up anything better. I’m just so thankful.”

McCreery’s Rise and Fall  album will be out on May 10. Find all of his music and upcoming shows at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry / Chris Hollo

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