Scotty McCreery Invited to Become a Grand Ole Opry Member

Scotty McCreery will become the next member of the Grand Ole Opry! The 30-year-old was performing at the Opry, as part of the annual Opry Country Christmas series, when he was invited to join by Garth Brooks.

“Merry Christmas. This is for you, I wrapped it myself,” Brooks said, handing McCreery a large box but telling him not to open the present. “The gift inside isn’t here yet. Tonight is merely an invitation … On behalf of the Grand Ole Opry, and this is a Christmas present to the Grand Ole Opry, we would love for Scotty McCreery to be the newest member of the Opry.”

An emotional McCreery took a moment to soak in the invitation before responding.

“Yes, I would love to,” McCreery replied. “But first and foremost,  I grew up listening to your records,  and you’re what got me wanting to do this for a living, and I didn’t think that dream would ever become a reality. But it is because of all of y’all sitting in this house tonight, so thank you very much. I could talk for hours. How long do we have tonight?

“When I got started doing this, people said, ‘What’s your goals?’ and I said, ‘One day I’d like to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry,'” he continued, his voice cracking with emotion.

Brooks also praised McCreery’s longtime manager, Scott Stem.

“Scott Stem loves you,” Brooks praised. “Scott Stem is the same guy that launched my career. I feel very akin to you. I’ve watched you since you were a kid. You still are a kid. I’ve loved you. And congratulations. This is a great day for the Grand Ole Opry.”

McCreery has been very vocal about his love of the Grand Ole Opry, and his desire to someday become a member of the hallowed institution.

“Country music, it’s something I’ve loved since I was a kid,” McCreery told Everything Nash in 2021. “The Grand Ole Opry is a huge part of country music history, and why we have country music today, with WSM Radio getting it out there. So it’s a goal of mine. I [have] to get back out there and play some more. It’s been a little bit since we’ve been out there, but it’s always a special night on the Grand Ole Opry.”

Earlier this year, the American Idol alum reiterated that becoming part of the Grand Ole Opry was one of his biggest career and personal goals.

“Being an Opry member, that’s definitely at the top of my list as far as goals,” McCreery told Music Mayhem. “So if you love country music and tradition, the Grand Ole Opry is right there in the middle of that. It would be a great honor. It’s on the dream board.”

McCreery’s current single, “Cab In A Solo,” is in the Top 25 on the charts. He also recently released the festive “Feel Like the Holidays,” to help celebrate the Christmas season.  McCreery will kick off his Cab In A Solo Tour on January 26 in Troy, Ohio. Find all of McCreery’s music and tour dates at

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry / Chris Hollo