Scotty McCreery Is Soaking Up Fatherhood After Birth of Son [EXCLUSIVE]

Scotty McCreery has plenty to be thankful for this season, especially his new baby, Merrick Avery. McCreery and his wife, Gabi, welcomed their son, whom they will call Avery, into the world on October 24, and McCreery has been enjoying every minute at home since then as a family of three.

“I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of guy, so I’m not sure I knew what to expect, ” McCreery tells Everything Nash. “I don’t know if there are too many surprises for me. I will say, I never changed a diaper before, and I thought it would really, totally gross me out. But there is something about when it’s your kid, it’s like, ‘All right man, come here.’ It hasn’t grossed me out as much as I thought it would.”

One thing McCreery is sitll adjusting to is lack of sleep, which he admits has, at least so far, been hit or miss.

“Last night he did pretty good. The night before that was horrendous,” McCreery says. “So we gotta figure out what works. But we’re getting there, little by little.”

The American Idol alum is spending several weeks at home, before he returns to the road on November 30. While McCreery hopes to bring Avery out on tour with him, he says those plans will have to wait until 2023.

“For the end of this year, he’s not gonna make it out to any shows,” McCreery says. “He’s still young, but next year we’re gonna bring out a baby bus, so we’ll get him out there. Gabi will be out there a lot with me too, so he’ll have his own little crib and everything. It’ll be a completely different way to do the road for me. I’ve been doing it now over ten years. I’ve got my system, so this is gonna throw that for a loop, but I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome.”

One of McCreery’s first shows back after paternity leave will be to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, as part of the annual Opry Country Christmas celebration. His performance takes place on December 4.

“The Opry, country music and Christmastime, What’s not to love?” McCreery reflects to Everything Nash. “It’s just my favorite season. It’s my favorite kind of music. I sing Christmas music all year long, so to get to do it at the Grand Ole Opry, and have a packed house there at the Opry House, I’m gonna be in hog heaven. I love it.  I can’t wait for that.”

McCreery’s next scheduled show is on November 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His Same Truck: The Deluxe Album will be out on Friday, November 18. Pre-order the album, and find tour dates at

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