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Ben Rector’s Biggest Goal in Music Is Not About Commercial Success [EXCLUSIVE]

Ben Rector has managed to have a wildly successful career, including sold-out tours, landing his music in numerous TV shows and movies, and garnering more than one billion streams for his songs over the past several years. The success, which all happened without the support of a major record label, is for Ben a nice by-product of the real…

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Ben Rector Determines to Celebrate the Holidays Amid 2020 Challenges [EXCLUSIVE]

Ben Rector is still happy to be celebrating the holidays, even with all the challenges of 2020. The singer-songwriter is focusing on all he has to be thankful for this year, instead of how much things have changed. “I think that anytime there are traditions, or any time there’s something that’s familiar that you do, there’s something that’s pretty…

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Ben Rector Releases Timely ‘The Thanksgiving Song’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Ben Rector has done what very few artists, if any, have done before: written a heartwarming song about Thanksgiving. The singer-songwriter wrote “The Thanksgiving Song,” including it on his A Ben Rector Christmas album, which is out now. “My manager, Gregg was like, ‘You should do some original Christmas songs,” Ben recalled to Everything Nash. “I feel like…

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