Terri Clark Will Celebrate Grand Ole Opry Milestone Alongside Lainey Wilson

Terri Clark became a Grand Ole Opry member on June 12, 2004. The singer will celebrate her 20th anniversary as an Opry member on Friday, June 7, where she will also celebrate the release of her retrospective Take Two album. joined on the record by Lainey Wilson, Cody Johnson, Ashley McBryde and more.

“I hope my life isn’t over … It’s really been that long that we’re celebrating these things now,” Clark said with a laugh, while talking with Everything Nash and other outlets during a recent virtual media event. “20 years as an Opry member, it feels like yesterday that I was invited to be an Opry member, and that’s all gonna slap me in the face with Lainey Wilson becoming the newest member the same night. It’s definitely a full-circle thing.

“To be a member of the Opry I think is anybody’s goal or milestone in country music,” she added. “It’s such an important piece of the country music fabric and story. And to be part of that family is something I never take for granted. I still can’t believe it. I still get nervous. I still get nervous every single time.”

Clark was especially excited to have Wilson join her on “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” earning even more respect for the future Opry member after recording their collaboration.

“One of my favorite memories was Lainey Wilson showing up in the biggest pickup truck I have ever seen in my life, with nobody with her,” Clark recalled. “No entourage, no manager, Just showed up by herself … She was so sweet. I don’t even know how she climbed up in that thing. She is the real deal. And I love that she showed up without anybody with her. It shows just a down-to-earth confidence and independence. I think that’s why she is who she is and is doing what she does … She’s just so sweet. She came in and nailed it.”

Clark is thrilled to celebrate Wlson’s Opry induction while also celebrating two decades as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

“Becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry was a dream come true and celebrating 20 years fills me with overwhelming gratitude,” Clark said when the anniversary celebration was announced (via MusicRow). “The Opry isn’t just a stage, it’s a sacred home for generations of artists and fans who love country music. Being part of this incredible family is an honor beyond my wildest dreams. Here’s to the Opry, the fans, and the music that binds us all together.”

Clark also has her Greatest Hits album, available now on vinyl. See a track list for Take Two below. Find all of Clark’s music and upcoming shows, at TerriClark.com.

Take Two Track List:

1. “I Just Wanna Be Mad” (featuring Cody Johnson)
2. “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” (featuring Lainey Wilson)
3. “Better Things to Do” (featuring Ashley McBryde)
4. “Now That I Found You” (featuring Ben Rector)
5. “I Wanna Do It All” (featuring Lauren Alaina)
6. “If I Were You” (featuring Kelly Clarkson)
7. “Girls Lie Too” (featuring Carly Pearce)
8. “You’re Easy On The Eyes (live)” (featuring Paul Brandt)