Texas Hill Asks For Help After Their Trailer Full of Equipment Is Stolen

Texas Hill is hoping someone will come clean and return several items that were stolen from them. Band member Craig Wayne Boyd, who along with  Adam Wakefield, and Casey James, spoke out on social media after their trailer was stolen from Nashville, with all of their equipment inside.

“Y’all, TEXAS HILL, Craig Wayne Boyd, Casey James, and Adam Wakefield just had our trailer stolen from the Sylvan Park area,” Boyd said in a post shared on social media. “We had our drum vaults, our guitar vault, our Behringer in Ear rack with three Shure IEMs and all of our Audio-Technica USA microphones to Mike Drums, and all of our vocal mics. a few guitars, ALL our merch.”

Boyd, who shared a few photos of the missing trailer, said he will have a detailed list later, but for now is asking everyone to be on the lookout.

Y’all, TEXAS HILL, Craig Wayne Boyd, Casey James , and Adam Wakefield just had our trailer stolen from the Sylvan Park…

Posted by Craig Wayne on Tuesday, July 20, 2021


“I’m still trying to put together the list but I will add to this post later,” he wrote. “It is a 12 foot, Carry-on Trailer, Inc. trailer with a double axle, black… If anyone sees anything running around town right now please let us know… I am at a loss…”

Texas Hill released their self-titled debut EP last year, after the three reality TV talent show stars decided to combine their talents.

“I was sitting in my garage thinking about what I wanted to do in my own personal career,” Boyd told Everything Nash. “I felt beat up a little bit, and I just wanted to get back to the love of music. And one of those things for me was singing harmonies and singing in a group. In talking with my wife, who is the brilliant one, she asked who I would want to sing with. And both of these guys are my first choices. This is who I would see if I had my dream vocal group. I like their voices. I’m a fan of both of them, so I called them up.”

Texas Hill needs to find their equipment soon, since they have plenty of tour dates scheduled for the remainder of 2021. See their list of upcoming shows, and purchase their EP, at TexasHillOfficial.com.