The Isaacs ‘Can’t Wait’ to Embark on the 2025 Country Music Cruise [WATCH]

The Isaacs will be part of an all-star lineup on the 2025 Country Music Cruise, joining artists like John Michael MontgomeryDeana CarterThe Bellamy BrothersDiamond RioJamie O’Neal, T.G. Sheppard, Wade Hayes, Jimmy Fortune and more. For The Isaacs, it’s a chance to connect, for an extended period of time, with many of their favorite artists they see when they perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

“Everybody says the Opry is a big family. It really is a big family,” Sonya Isaacs tells Everything Nash. “We’ve done a lot of cruises, we’ve sung on a lot of cruises, but we’ve never done a country music cruise with Opry people, and people that we love in that family. So we thought it would be fun to go with that family on a cruise. It’s just going to be awesome. We’re very, very excited.”

The Isaacs, after being regular performers at the Grand Ole Opry for years, officially became members three years ago, making their time on the Country Music Cruise that much more meaningful.

“We actually got to become Opry members in 2021, and that just solidified … we have to do this cruise,” Lily Isaacs added.

The Isaacs might be one of the most well-known artists, transcending genres including Southern gospel, bluegrass, country and more. But when they are on the Country Music Cruise, the family band insists they will be fans first and foremost.


“One of the coolest things about what we get to do, and the level at which we get to do it, is getting to know other artists that you’ve admired for years,” Sonya shares. “These artists are not much older than us, if they are older than us. Growing up listening to ‘Strawberry Wine’ and all those artists, it’s very surreal to get to actually call them friends. We sang at a benefit concert last year, and John Berry was another artist who was there. We hung out backstage, and he got the guitar, and we were just singing together. It was so much fun.

“I’m really looking forward to — you do work a lot on these cruises,” she continues. “You sing a lot; it’s about the people coming and seeing the performers. But to be with somebody for a whole week, in a fun environment, you really get to know them better. I think that’s why a lot of people sign up for these cruises, because they get to interact with these artists, and see us at the buffet line.”

The Isaacs also look forward to getting to know the fans on the Country Music Cruise, and giving them a once-in-a-lifetime performance while at sea.

“I think the coolest part for me too is that you pay high tickets to see these performers do a professional show,” Becky explains. “And although the cruise is a professional show, it’s different. It is a different show than what they can put on in an arena … it’s more personal. And I feel like the personalities of these artists come out more … We find we get to be a little more funny, or engage with the audience more when the audience is like that.

“I’ve watched so many artists of people that have taken that cruise, and I just can’t wait to go, because I see them around the pool and in the sun, and they’re sailing. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to sing on that cruise,'” she adds.

The 2025 Country Music Cruise is almost sold-out. The cruise will depart from Fort Lauderdale on January 19, and head to Key West, Cozumel and Costa Maya, returning on January 26. Use code EverythingNash for an exclusive discount. Find more information at

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