‘The Voice’ Winner Todd Tilghman Asks Fans For Help to Release New Song

Todd Tilghman has a song he strongly believes in, which is why he is reaching out to his fans for help. The Season 18 winner of The Voice  announces on social media that he has a new song, “PB&J,” which he wants to release, but is enlisting his fans to help bring his dream to life.

“I always try to be really open with you all, and I always try to be really transparent about this world and this business, and how it is and what it is, especially for an independent artist like me,” Tilghman says in a video posted on his website. “I’ve always said that if there were any projects that ever come  — and I’m sure there will be more — that you can become involved in, I’ll let you know.”

While Tilghman has, until now, largely funded his own releases, he believes strongly enough in “PB&J” that he doesn’t mind asking for help this time.

“I have already budgeted out releases, really through the middle of next year we’ve already budgeted that out, and had most of it already recorded,” Tilghman shares, “Releasing a song is very expensive. If you’re not in this world, I realize if you hear the numbers or see the numbers, they can seem kind of high. But releasing a song is really very expensive, from all of the things that you do to roll it out.”

The father of eight goes on to say that he told his children that he wrote “PB&J” for them, which is why he is asking for his fans’ help to get the song out for everyone to hear.

“What I would love to do, is I would love for this song to skip the line, and go ahead and release — actually i would love for it to release late summer, early fall, to coincide with the beginning of the school year. But if I’m going to be able to do that, I’m going to need your help.”

The news of “PB&J” comes shortly after the former minister released “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” in honor of his own mother, and her strong Christian faith.

“Blood, Sweat and Tears’ is a song about all the things that got me where I am today, not the least of which is my mama’s prayers,” Tilghman told Everything Nash. “Everything I am and everything I have is because of the blood of Jesus, the sweat of my own brow, and my mama’s tears.”

By his own admission, the release of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” was a challenge, which is why he was so relieved when it was finally released.

“This has really been a super-duper passion project for me,” Tilghman said on social media. “I spent a lot of time trying to make this happen, and trying to do certain things, and all kinds of different ideas coming, and all kinds of different doors closing in my face on this one. So thank God it’s about to come out.”

Tilghman has a goal of raising $5000 to release “PB&J.” Click here to donate to his GoFundMe page. All of Tilghman’s music and upcoming shows can be found at ToddTOfficial.com.