Trace Adkins Honors Mayfield Tornado Victims With ‘Somewhere in America’ [WATCH]

Trace Adkins is honoring those impacted by the deadly 2021 tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky with his new video for “Somewhere in America,” out now. The Grand Ole Opry chose Mayfield as the location, although he acknowledges the small town represents a lot of places across the country.

“It seems like over the last couple years we could have picked a lot of places,” Adkins told CMT’s Cody Alan. “I think Mayfield is representative of all those communities that have had to come together in light of these terrible storms. We just wanted to come in here and give them a pat on the back and say, ‘There are people out there that haven’t forgotten about you.’ That’s what I was hoping to do.”

Adkins filmed the “Somewhere in America” video while in Mayfield to perform a free benefit show, which took place in May.

“December 10, 2021, an incredibly strong tornado came through the middle of downtown and just destroyed all of those historic buildings downtown,”  on the Today Show. “Most of those buildings were over 100 years old. It was just tragic. That tornado actually I think killed over 80 people, but right there in Mayfield, it was 24 people that got killed when that tornado came through. It was a tragedy.

“We were looking for a place to do a video for the song on our new album called ‘Somewhere in America,’” he continued. “The song just talks about somewhere in America, there are still people that have that indomitable spirit, that resilient skin. And we could think of no place better that exemplified that than Mayfield, Kentucky.”

In addition to the tragic fatalities, millions of dollars in damages also occurred throughout Mayfield. Adkins begins the “Somewhere in America” video by reading the names of the deceased, a sobering experience for Adkins.

“Reading the names of those who lost their lives was moving,” the 61-year-old told CMT. “‘Somewhere in America’ is about the heart left in this land, and the citizens of Mayfield exemplify that.”

“I hope everyone will see a glimpse of the goodness of the citizens of Mayfield,” he added. “They are good people who are clawing their way back from a catastrophic disaster.”

Ahead of the release of the “Somewhere in America” video, Adkins said he was forever changed by seeing how the Mayfield residents continued to move forward.

“Rebuild efforts are still underway in Mayfield, KY since the tornado on December 10, 2021,” Adkins shared on social media. “The strength of the Mayfield citizens has been inspiring.”

Adkins is currently on his lengthy Somewhere in America Tour, which wraps up on October 14 in Hiawassee, Georgia. Find all of Adkins’ music and tour dates at at

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