‘The Voice’ Winner Todd Tilghman Says ‘So Much Music’ is Coming

Todd Tilghman is moving full-speed ahead with his music career, in a big, big way. The Season 18 winner of The Voice has moved to Nashville from his Mississippi home, where he worked as a pastor, with his wife, Brooke, and eight children, and is getting ready to release plenty of music in 2021.

“So much music is coming,” Tilghman tells Country Now. “I spend a lot of time writing and recording. The plan (as of now) is to release a single every four to six weeks until June. Then release an EP, or even full album, with a couple bonus tracks — possibly including some collaborations with some exciting artists.”

Tilghman just released his single “In a Heartache,” which he wrote with Don Poythress and Tony Wood.

“Right now, it’s just so exciting to write about my own life and experiences,” Tilghman reflects. “The premise of ‘In A Heartache’ is that relationships are hard. In the beginning, there’s so much excitement, but over time things can get pretty rough. But would I go through all the pain and hardship again to get to where we are now? Absolutely. It’s got a distinct southern rock and soul country feel, which was my vision for it all along. Brought to life by my amazing producer, Gordon Mote.”

Tilghman is also releasing a book, Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy, which he wrote with Brooke. Every Little Win will be released on June 22. The 43-year-old was also in discussions about a possible reality TV show, which is still in process.

“The book is blazing ahead. It releases in June,” Tilghman notes. “It’s called Every Little Win, and it’s actually already available for preorder. The TV thing has kind of gone quiet, for the most part. We still have conversation [and] interest, but that’s the one thing we kind of did NOT want to do unless it’s what we were meant to do. It’s still a possibility.”

Tilghman, who won The Voice on Blake Shelton’s team, is working hard on new music, and meeting as many people as he can in the process.

“I’ve been writing, and recording, and moving, and performing when/where I can safely do so,” said the singer. “I’ve been working on building relationships with people in this space, and I try to be deliberate about supporting fellow artists I’ve met through this process.”