Thomas Rhett Compares Lauren Akins to Jesus After Recent Illness

Thomas Rhett is publicly praising his wife, Lauren Akins, after a challenging few days. The 32-year-old shares on social media about a recent event, where Akins exhibited patience and grace, even among extremely challenging circumstances.

“I just wanted to hop on here, and give a huge shout-out to my beautiful wife,” Rhett says. “I got really sick this week, a stomach virus that I guess is going around, and it freakin’ waxed me. My wife had a beach trip planned the day that I got sick, and she canceled that trip and stayed here and absolutely took care of me and our four kids like she was a superhero.

“I’ve never met Jesus in person, but what I witnessed these last few days was the patience of Jesus exhibited through a human being, and that human being being my wife,” he continues. “So I just wanted to hop on here and just give a huge shoutout to my wife, becaus she is an angel. Legit. I love you babe. Thank you for taking such good care of me, and our family. You are incredible.”

Rhett and Akins celebrated their ten-year anniversary in October. The “Where We Started” singer has been very vocal about his love for Akins, and how she has supported him and his dreams over the years.

“I think if you would’ve asked Lauren when she was like 17 years old if she would marry a country singer, her answer probably would have been absolutely not,” Rhett previously told BMLG. “But somehow we made our way back to each other. And she spent the entire first year of my road life on the bus with me and eight of my band members, and has seen probably 6,000 of my concerts, and has just put up with me as a person through all this stuff.

“I just want people to know that our life is not this fairytale land at all times,” he continued. “We have our ups, we have our downs, but it’s just about like sticking with each other through the thick and the thin, and how much she’s had to sacrifice and how much we both had to sacrifice to make this whole thing called music work.”

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