Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen, ‘Mamaw’s House’: Story Behind the Song

Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen just dropped their surprise collaboration, “Mamaw’s House,” together. The song, which they both wrote, appears on Rhett’s 20 Number Ones album, which was just released.

“I was kind of saying how grateful I am for the way that I was raised and brought up,” Wallen says of the inspiration behind the song. “And a lot of that came from my Mamaw’s house. Everything kind of revolved around her while she was still here.”

“She was always the first person to ask you if you were hungry and that kind of thing,” he continues. “She loved taking care of people. So that mixture of toughness and love was just something super special, and I’ve never met another lady like that before.”

Both Rhett and Wallen have deep love and respect for their own grandmothers, which is why they decided to write “Mamaw’s House” together.

“We really just wrote this song about a small-town piece of paradise,” Rhett explains. “I can remember growing up, going to my Mammy’s house and my Mamaw’s house, both who lived in South Georgia at the time. I just feel like so many life lessons were learned at their houses.”

“I feel like we learned hard work,” he adds. “I feel like we learned manners. I feel like we learned respect. And this song brings up how our mamaws used to act when we were little kids.”

Neither Rhett nor Wallen have been shy about their love for their family matriarchs, and the influence they’ve had on their own lives.

“Many times in the past I’ve been open and honest about the love I have for my Mamaw Boots,” Wallen says. “It was only a matter of time before a song was inspired by her. I dedicate this one to not only her but to my living grandmothers as well. I hope they know what a big part they’ve all played in shaping my life. TR had a similar experience growing up so I’m really glad we got to write and record this song together. Hope y’all enjoy it.”

Rhett, who just celebrated his 21st No. 1 single, with “Angels,” is thrilled to finally be able to put out the sentimental track.

“I’ve been looking for any excuse to put this song out, because we both love it, and we both want our Mamaws to be able to hear it. So this is an ode to all the grandmothers out there.”

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