Thomas Rhett On Giving Up Nicotine: ‘I Went Cold Turkey’

Thomas Rhett is a changed man, at least when it comes to his vices. The “Angels” singer recently opened up about one of his biggest addictions, nicotine, and how he finally kicked the habit, hopefully for good.

“I quit nicotine this year, which I love nicotine so much,” Rhett reveals on Bobby BonesBobby Cast. “I started dipping when I was 18 years old, Grizzly Wintergreen, and then when I turned 28, I started using this stuff called Zyn. It’s just nicotine and mint. I’m trying to quit things that are crutches for me.”

Rhett, who says he has also been absent on social media since January, is using this year to make sure he is the best version of himself he can be, even if it means giving up some things he enjoys.

“Social media was a crutch,” says the singer. “It was a place where I went, where I needed validation. But then it was the place where I hated when it didn’t validate me. Nicotine was that crutch for me. When I felt nervous, nicotine. When I felt weird, nicotine. When I felt happy, nicotine.”

Getting rid of nicotine has had several positive effects on Rhett, mostly with his health.

“When I was using nicotine, my resting heart rate would be up in the mid-70s, which is pretty high,” Rhett reflects. “When I quit using Zyn, my resting heart rate was like 49. That’s a big jump.”

The father of four says he felt very much like a drug addict, searching for nicotine in random places to get his fix. But now that he quit, Rhett is feeling better about himself, and his health, and ready to leave the addiction behind, hopefully for good.

Slow down summer

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Posted by Thomas Rhett on Friday, August 25, 2023


“I went cold turkey, and for like five days, it really sucked because you kind of start to [think] after coffee, ‘Oh, this is a good time [to use],’” Rhett concedes. “After a meal, ‘This is a fun time.’ During golf, ‘This is a great time.’ And then you start to figure out that it’s every part of your day where you wanted one. And so I think I’m okay now.

“There are definitely moments and times where I’m like, ‘I would love to have a Zyn right now,’ but I’m just not. I’m trying to get myself into the habit of telling myself no this year,'” he adds.

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