Tim McGraw Calls Faith Hill His ‘Rock’ Amid Ongoing Sobriety Journey

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 27 years, a length of time that is almost unheard of for famous couples. Their marriage has weathered several highs and lows, including McGraw’s choice to get sober in 2008. It was a choice he made thanks in part to an ultimatum from Hill, who told him he had to choose between his family or partying. In the 15 years since then, It’s Hill who has been his support, in everything, including his sobriety.

“She’s always been my rock,” McGraw tells Yahoo. “She’s my rock in everything that I do. I don’t think I could stand up straight without leaning on her in everything that I do.”

McGraw addresses his sobriety head-on in “Hey Whiskey,” out now. The song is from his forthcoming Standing Room Only album, which is scheduled to be released on August 25.

“It was very personal to me. It was a very emotional song, and a very honest song. It is not a linear path,” he says. “There’s setbacks and there’s times you move forward and do great, and there’s times you set back. And that’ll probably a process throughout the rest of my life and something that I have to be diligent about and really continue to work at. And that song I think is helpful in that regard. It was very cathartic to me, in a lot of ways.”

When McGraw first heard “Hey Whiskey,” he knew he wanted to record it for Standing Room Only, but he had no idea that the first time he sang the song would be the one he would share with the rest of the world.

“The vocal that we kept on that song, that was the very first run-through at about 10:00 at night, when my voice was shredded and I had no voice left,” McGraw recounts. “That’s the vocal we ended up keeping, because it was so pure and honest. … I’m so glad we ended up keeping the rawness that we did.”

The “Standing Room Only” singer has been vocal about Hill’s influence, both in his life and music, throughout their relationship.

“Faith is invaluable to me in every way,” McGraw tells The Tennessean. “But creatively, I trust her ears 100 percent. She still hears rough mixes of everything I record before anyone else does. And she’s a tough judge to please. She hasn’t liked even some of my hits when she heard them the first time. The beauty of all of this is that we love each other, trust each other’s instincts and glean everything we can out of each other to make our projects better.”

McGraw recently opened up about their lives as empty-nesters, after all three of their daughters moved out of their family home.

“It was tough at first, like the first six months,” McGraw admitted. “I think it’s always harder on mom when the girls go away. It was pretty tough because it was empty and the energy of the house was sort of gone. And then after about six months, we sort of thought — when we got married, we had a kid right away, we had Gracie right away. And now we kind of like having our time to ourselves and it’s kind of honeymoon time again. So, we’ve quite enjoyed it!”

McGraw will have the opportunity to perform songs from Standing Room Only, as well as a lot of his previous hits in 2024, when he embarks on his Standing Room Only Tour, with Carly Pearce serving as his opening act for all dates.

“It’s the first time we’ve done an arena tour in a long time,” McGraw tells Entertainment Tonight. “I’m looking forward to it. We’ve got some crazy spectacular production I’m looking forward to everybody seeing. This is probably one of the coolest productions we’ve ever had. We’re gonna blow it out.”

Find all of McGraw’s music and upcoming shows, and order/save Standing Room Only, at TimMcGraw.com.

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