Tim McGraw Calls Faith Hill ‘One of the Greatest Singers on Earth’

Tim McGraw might be married to Faith Hill, but he’s still a fan of her as a singer as well. The Louisiana native recently boasted about his wife, on his newly-launched Beyond The Influence Radio with Tim McGraw on Apple Music Country.

“I always found out — it took me a while, because I’m a slow learner — I knew that if I’d been singing with Faith for a while, like in the past tours that we’ve had, that I’m in pretty good vocal shape having to keep up with her,” Tim shared. “She’s one of the greatest singers on earth. And when you hear her sing, she just has so much heat and passion in her vocal. To me she’s like Aretha Franklin and Brigitte Bardot all rolled into one in a lot of ways. She’s one of my favorite singers ever.”

Apparently Faith isn’t just a good singer, but a good cook as well. The father of three revealed that he has had to up his workouts, thanks to her home-cooked meals, which he is enjoying more of while off the road.

“I’m hardheaded so it’s hard for me to sit still very long, so I have to do something most the time,” Tim told his record label. “I was actually getting geared up and starting to really pick my workouts up because we were getting ready to go into rehearsals and getting ready for the tour coming in July. So, I had been picking my workouts up until all this happened.

“And then` I couldn’t say I slacked off, but I’ve taken it a little easier and taken a few days off, more than I usually do,” he added. “But when Faith’s cooking, I sorta work out harder that day when I know she’s cooking something good. So, I’ll try to earn it.”

Tim would have likely never met Faith if he hadn’t dropped out of college and moved to Nashville — a chance he almost didn’t take out of fear of what his mother would say. Fortunately, his fears ultimately proved to be unfounded.

“When I finally got the nerve to call my mom to tell her that I was going to move to Nashville expecting, the wrath of God in a lot of ways, my mom, her first words out of her mouth was, ‘Well, I’m surprised you haven’t done it already,'” Tim recalled. “Then she said ‘Tim, you should do it because if you don’t do it, you’ll always wonder if you could have made it.’ And to a 21- year-old kid who just sold everything and was supposed to be a lawyer — for my mom to say, ‘Go to Nashville and give it a shot,’ it was the biggest incentive, the biggest blessing that I’ve ever could have gotten from anyone.”