Tim McGraw Calls ‘Standing Room Only’ His Best Album Of His Career

Tim McGraw can’t wait to share Standing Room Only with the rest of the world. The 56-year-old already released “Hey Whiskey” and “Remember Me Well” from the record, along with his current Top 15 single, with the record’s title track. But there are ten more songs on Standing Room Only that McGraw is just as passionate about, more than any other project that he has ever released.

“After everything that happened in the world over the past few years…. it made me want to find and record more meaningful, life affirming songs,” McGraw shares on social media. “This album came out of it, and I truly think it’s the best project we’ve ever made (I feel like I say that every time, but as an artist, I want to work to get better with every record and I’m really proud of this one).”

After everything that happened in the world over the past few years…. it made me want to find and record more…

Posted by Tim McGraw on Sunday, August 20, 2023


McGraw has been openly proud of Standing Room Only, pouring his heart and soul into the album to make it exactly what he wanted it to be, almost as a gift to his fans.

“This album is all about life affirmation, about being the best person you can be. It tells stories,” McGraw says on  Audacy Throwdown. “It’s very cinematic, is probably a better word … I think from start to finish the whole album has a cinematic quality, where you can create your own movie and paint your own picture with every song”

McGraw wrote only one song on Standing Room Only, “Nashville CA/L.A. Tennessee,” inspired by moving his eldest daughter, Gracie, to Los Angeles.

“It came out of loading up my Cadillac Escalade, my 19-year-old Cadillac Escalade, taking all the seats out of it, loading all of her stuff in, and her and I doing a solo cross-country trip together to move her to L.A.,” McGraw remembers. “We had a great time on the trip, singing songs and playing music and stopping at cool places and spending time together. And then when I got [to Los Angeles], it was late at night and she was so ready to be here and so ready to get rid of Dad by that point!

“I unloaded all the stuff to where she was living, and she was like, ‘All right, Dad, I’m fine now! You can go,’” he continues. “And I kept lingering around, kept trying to move things around, trying to keep as much time with her as I could. And she finally gave me a big hug and says, ‘OK, Dad, I need you to go now!’ And then I just broke down and just started crying. … So, that song was born out of that road trip.”

The Louisiana native will kick off his 2024 Standing Room Only Tour on March 14 in Jacksonville, Florida, with Carly Pearce serving as his opening act. Pre-order Standing Room Only, and find all of McGraw’s music and upcoming shows at TimMcGraw.com.

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