Toby Keith’s Daughter Krystal Speaks Out: ‘I Am Shattered’

Toby Keith‘s daughter Krystal is sharing her thoughts on her father, and the impact his loss has had on her.

“I am shattered,” Krystal began, as part of a heartfelt post shared on social media, sharing photos of her famous father. “As great as he was in his career, he was so much greater as a dad and a husband and a Pop Pop. He was my hero.”

The mother of two wrote “Daddy Dance With Me,” released in 2013, to be used in her own wedding.

“I am so lucky to have had him and so grateful he got to walk me down the aisle and meet my babies,” Krystal said. “That I have years of memories traveling the world as a family. I am blessed that I got to spend years traveling on the road and singing on stage with him. That I have mountains of video footage and endless tracks of music to watch him on and hear his voice with. I’m lucky I got to say goodbye and tell him what he meant to me.”

Instagram/Krystal Keith


Krystal, who also sang with her father at the 2004 CMA Awards, praised the many tributes for the “Red Solo Cup” singer since he passed away.

“There has been an [immense] outpouring of love and segments remembering him that someday I hope to be able to watch and enjoy once I’m able,” Krystal shared. “This amount of people and networks honoring him is a reminder that he wasn’t just ours. He was the world’s. He is the gift that we were, as a family, able to offer the world and he did not squander our sacrifice of time with him. He lived a hundred lives of accomplishments and impact in peoples lives. There is so much he did for people that no one knew about, even us. He didn’t want recognition for doing good deeds, he just did them because his heart led him to or someone needed him to.”

The 38-year-old concluded by touching on her father’s tenacity, his strong Christian faith, and the loss she will always feel without him in her life.

“I will forever honor him,” Krystal said. “The pain is so unbelievably deep and it feels like I have a literal broken heart but I know that it wouldn’t hurt so bad if we didn’t love him and get to be loved so deeply by him. He never made me wonder if he would be there for me. He made sure to live with Jesus so he could go with Jesus. Jesus taking him home is the cherry on top of the life we got to live with him.”

Keith’s brother, Stelen, also praised his father with a touching social media post.

“You held a passion that was greater than mountains and it radiates through every lyric and chord,” he said in part. “In the everlasting echo from the legacy of your music, you leave me strength and faith to lean on in the silence that follows. You truly did it your way, from the starting gates to the finish line, and never apologized for it. The only thing I truly ever wanted in life was to make you proud. I promise I will continue to make you proud. It’s not goodbye forever; it’s just goodbye for now. I love you cowboy.”

Keith’s family will have a private memorial, with a public service to be held at a later date.