Scotty McCreery, ‘Love Like This’: Story Behind the Song

Scotty McCreery just released another song, “Love Like This,” from his upcoming new album. The song, which McCreery wrote with Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis, is his celebration of becoming a father, with the birth of his son, Avery, in 2022, and watching his wife, Gabi, embrace her role as a mother.

“Love Like This” says in part, “It was 4:34 on a Monday morning / A miracle in room 235 / Nurse says, ‘Do you wanna hold him?’ / I picked him up and started to cry / Our family of two is now a family of three / Now I see / I’ve never known a love like this.”

“Becoming a father is the greatest thing that’s happened to me,” McCreery said of the inspiration behind the song. “Raising Avery as he grows and watching my wife Gabi be a rock star as his Mom has been the joy of my life these last 15 months. I knew I wanted to write a song about Avery. I even photographed the room number on the hospital door so I could put that into the lyrics.”

McCreery also spoke about the inspiration behind “Love Like This” when releasing the new track.

When talking about his new album at a recent media event, the North Carolina native said “Love Like This” began almost immediately after the birth of Avery in October.

“The day he was born, or maybe it was the day after, I put a post up of him on Instagram,” McCreery shared. “I think all I said was, ‘I’ve never known a love like this’ kind of thing. The song follows that thought process.”

McCreery has yet to reveal a title or release date for his next set of tunes, but he does say the record will be unlike anything he has released in the past.

“I’m pumped about this thing,” McCreery told Everything Nash. “It’s a little different for me, a touch. I feel like a lot of my other records were very autobiographical. This one has a couple of those songs. There’s a song for Avery. There’s a song for Gabi. But we’re kind of going in some different directions on this record. Some heartbreak, and some breakup songs. Some honky-tonking songs, and stuff I really haven’t done before on records.

“But I grew up loving those kinds of songs, so we just kind of let the guitar take us to where it wanted to when we were writing these songs, and this is where we ended up,” he added.

McCreery’s current single, “Cab In A Solo,” just hit the Top 15. He also released “Can’t Pass the Bar” and Slow Dance” from the forthcoming project, which will be a nod to the ’90s country music he grew up enjoying, and still enjoys today.

“I really tried to go back to what I grew up with and what I love: traditional country music,” McCreery told Wine Spectator. “I’m 30 years old, but I feel like I could have really thrived in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. But I grew up in the ’90s, listening to Garth BrooksBrooks & DunnJoe Diffie. I love the classic sound, the guitar, the fiddle, where the storytelling is the center of the song and it’s tied up with a bow at the end. To me, the heart of country music is the storytelling.”

The 30-year-old is currently on his headlining Cab In A Solo Tour, which began with a series of sold-out shows. Find all of McCreery’s music and upcoming shows at