Whey Jennings Announces the Release of ‘Just Before the Dawn’ EP

Whey Jennings has a new EP, out this fall. The singer-songwriter announces on social media the release of Just Before the Dawn, a project he has been hinting about for some time.

Jennings announced the news on social media, calling the project the “most personal music” he has ever recorded.

Jennings recently released “Old Country Song.” The song features Wes Shipp. with the video also starring Jesse Keith Whitley, Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan‘s son,  John Paycheck, son of Johnny Paycheck, and outlaw singer, Creed Fisher.

“John Paycheck just so happened to be in town, and same for Jesse Keith Whitely. Jesse Keith and I have been friends for five or six years, and I’ve always enjoyed working on various things with him over the past few years,” Jennings explains to Taste of Country. “We all just happened to be in the same town, at one time, and as rare as that is considering how busy we all stay, I’d call it dumb luck or call it a blessing.

“Whatever it was, I’m glad it happened,” he adds. “It’s always good seeing my brothers and catching up whenever we can.”

Jennings has already released a lot of music, but says the songs on Just Before the Dawn are the best he has ever done throughout his career.

“These are the greatest songs I’ve ever released, written, or had any part of in my career,” Jennings boasts. “They highlight my past, my present, and my future. I believe they will speak to a large audience and be accepted in an amazing way. That’s how I feel about this project and I pray fans feel the same.”

Jennings hopes to honor his grandfather, Waylon Jennings, in everything he does, including his music and how he lives his life.

“My grandfather’s influenced pretty much everything I’ve ever done in music, because I always think about how he did it,” Jennings previously told Everything Nash. “And I’m wondering if it’s about the same mindset I’m in. I remember when my grandfather got sober, and he was really trying his best to do a new album, without the same dark edge on it. I’ve been thinking on it and thinking on it and thinking on it, and writing and writing and writing.

“And I don’t want to go too all the way right,” he added. “I don’t want to stay in the dark. I want it to have a real impact on anybody. People who have been sober their whole life, people who have been sober for just a little bit. People who aren’t sober. I just want it to be something that my kids can enjoy. Something that everybody can enjoy.”

All of Jennings’ music and upcoming shows can be found at WheyJennings.com.