Allie Colleen Embraces Loss in ‘Grass On The Grave’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Allie Colleen is turning her heartbreak into a powerful new song. The singer-songwriter just released “Grass On The Grave,” a vulnerable and honest new song that follows her “While We’re Still Friends” collaboration with Lee Brice, both songs born from her own personal pain.

“‘Grass On The Grave’ is one of those where the title, I feel like, paints a pretty black-and-white picture,” Colleen tells Everything Nash. “It’s kind of the sequel to the last song we put out. It’s called ‘While We’re Still Friends.’ It came out in February. That was the end of a season for me personally. It was the end of a marriage, and it came out of that weird little place of limbo where you know that a situation has run its course.”

While not everyone has endured the end of a marriage, Colleen says that “Grass On The Grave” is for anyone who has experienced any type of loss.

“A lot of us relate in that kind of emotional, romantic relationship way, but there are so many things in life that we grieve that aren’t always people,” says the singer. “And especially in the sense of true loss. And so ‘Grass On The Grave’ was the follow-up to that. Sonically, I wanted to paint that kind of frustrated side of it, where nothing here is bad. It’s all good; it’s lovely. It’s just so frustrating when anything ends in a season where you worked so hard for it to come out with a certain outcome.

“‘Grass On The Grave’ is just three minutes to really set and understand that frustration that you have of grief, whatever it is for you,” she adds. “For me, it was a person and a plan and a promise and all of that stuff.”

“While We’re Still Friends,” which Colleen wrote with Brice and his wife, Sara, was the first time Colleen gave an indication through he own music of what she was dealing with in her personal life.

“A lot of my songs, they definitely come from personal experience,” Colleen shares. “But when it comes down to releasing them to the public and putting them out commercially, there’s no other dream that I have than just for people to attach their own narrative to my songs, and to live them out how they help them. ‘While We’re Still Friends’ was the first time I had taken a publicity standpoint on a personal aspect of my life. ‘While We’re Still Friends’ was a really tough one for me.”

The premise of “While We’re Still Friends” was a poignant and powerful look at the place Colleen was in when she was writing the song.

“You know all of this is coming to an end,” Colleen explains.” It’s just allowing that space to be kind, and to enjoy the last rally, and to put all the love that you have for somebody in a relationship that you know really isn’t going to go where you wanted it to go. We put that out in February, and Lee coming in and featuring as a vocalist on it was incredible, because it really is at this point two amicable characters that love each other and want the best for each other, and also know everything has run its course.”

“Grass On The Grave” is the first release from an upcoming new project, which will be out in the near future.

“We finished all of the production, and we’re just in mastering for it,” she reveals. “Digitally it will still come out as singles, individually I think. But we are going to print vinyls this year for the road, and going into 2025. There are five songs on the project, seven songs in production right now, so there is a chance that we’ll do a producer collaboration, and maybe do all seven. But it will probably just be five. We do have a lot of new music.”

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