Cole Swindell Marries Courtney Little: See the Romantic Photos

Cole Swindell is a married man! The singer married his longtime girlfriend, Courtney Little, on Wednesday, June 12, sharing photos of the event on social media.

“The Swindells 6.12.24,” the singer captioned the photos.

On Saturday, June 7, Swindell hinted that he was getting married soon, without revealing a date or location.

“My last single Saturday night…” Swindell wrote on social media.

The Georgia native didn’t share too many details of his nuptials, ahead of the wedding day, but he did reveal that his current single, “Forever To Me,” which he wrote with Greylan James and Rocky Block, would be used in their wedding.


“As a songwriter, you want to write stuff that’s personal,” Swindell recently told  iHeartCountry. . “But you also want to write stuff that other people can relate to. And to write a song about something I’ve never been in, until now — I didn’t know if I’d ever get to write a song like this. I just can’t wait for the fans and everybody to hear it, and to see how they relate to it, and who the song makes them think of.

“For this to be a love song,” he adds, “and for this to be my wedding song, I don’t know how it gets any bigger than that for me.”


The singer-songwriter proposed to Little last fall, after first asking permission from her father.

“That’s probably the most nervous I’ve ever been because he’s such a great man,” Swindell admitted to People. “I can’t wait to be part of her family. She comes from a good one, and that’s what made that so nerve-wracking. I can’t imagine being a dad of a daughter and having that conversation.”

Both of Swindell’s parents have both sadly passed away, which makes him even more grateful that he has been so welcomed into his wife’s family.

“He reminds me a lot of my dad,” Swindell said on The Bobby Bones Show, speaking of Little’s father. “He’s just a great guy. Her whole family. I think, losing both of your parents so young, to have a second chance to have a family like that. And I still have my brothers, and some uncles and aunts, but they are just — it just reminds me of my family. Getting to marry into a family like that, I just think it’s been a blessing.”

Swindell is currently headlining his Win the NIght Tour, but he does plan on taking time for a honeymoon with his new bride.

“I don’t know how long you’re supposed to be gone, but it’ll be a nice break,” Swindell shared with Everything Nash and other outlets during a recent media event. “We’ve had so much off time. It’s kind of weird the timing of getting back in it, and then we’ve got more off time, but this is a special occasion so I think everybody will be good. Then we will hit the road again and be busy the rest of the year hopefully.”

Swindell has a show on June 14, and then doesn’t have another one until June 27. Find all of his music and upcoming shows at

Photo Credits: Cole Swindell/Instagram/Madison Emily Hare Photo