‘American Idol’ Contestant HunterGirl Releases Original ‘Red Bird’ [LISTEN]

HunterGirl has a new song out, as she continues her quest to be named the next winner of American Idol. The singer-songwriter, whose real name is Hunter Wolkonowski, released “Red Bird” ahead of the live TV show finale on May 22, where the Top 3 finalists will get to perform an original song.

“Red birds have been a big sign in my life since I was a little girl,” HunterGirl says in a release of the song, which she wrote with Austin Goodloe and Matt McKinney. “There is a saying that states, ‘When a cardinal appears around you, it is one of your family members in Heaven coming down to visit you.’ My mom also told me when I was younger that if I made a wish on a red bird, when it flies my wish will come true.”

The message of her new song took on an even deeper meaning, as her time on American Idol was about to be shared with the world.

“The evening of the first episode of American Idol, I was driving to my family’s house terrified,” HunterGirl recalls. “I was so scared about being on television. What if people don’t like me? What if I am not good enough? I was talking to God and I said, ‘I know that you know everything is going to be okay, but could you just let me know?’ Right after I asked that question, a red bird flew across my window and more flew as I drove down the road.

“It was like He was saying everything was going to be alright,” she adds. “The day after the episode, I came back to Nashville to write this song with two of my friends, Matt McKinney and Austin Goodloe. This is a song that is from my heart. I hope that this song can help someone like it helped me when I wrote it.”

HunterGirl was the first contestant to receive a Platinum ticket on American Idol. In addition to HunterGirl, the remaining Top 5 finalists include Leah Marlene, Fritz Hager, Noah Thompson and Nicolina. American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM ET on ABC. Carrie Underwood will appear on Sunday, May 15, to serve as a mentor for the Top 5.