‘American Idol’ Finalist Colin Stough Announces Debut EP, ‘Promiseland’

A new album is coming from Colin Stough! The Mississippi native, who came in the Top 5 on the latest season of American Idol, announces his debut EP, Promiseland, will be out on October 20.

When announcing the EP, Stough also dropped a new song, “Lonely Hour.”

“There are these moments after a breakup where everything kind of settles and the loneliness kicks in,” Stough says of the inspiration behind the song. “It’s those moments after the day winds down before the night sets in and you can fall asleep. The moments where you can’t stop thinking about everything and you finally start feeling all of the pain and loss that comes after a relationship has run its course. It’s the lonely hour.”

Stough previously released the title track of “Promiseland,” a song he says is very personal to him.

“This song describes me and my roots,” Stough shared on social media. “It’s about where I’m from; and, it’s a reminder to myself that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, nothing or no one will change me.”

Stough was working in HVAC when he auditioned for American Idol, at the urging of his mother.

“My mom signed me up for it,” Stough told Music Mayhem. “I didn’t know how far I could go on it, and I ended up about damn near going all the way. So, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. It was pretty awesome.”

After coming in third on Idol,, behind winner Iam Tongi and runner-up Megan Danielle, Stough released “I Still Talk to Jesus.” The song was inspired by Stough wanting to offer his peers the same encouragement he needs himself sometimes.

“The main point of the song is to not give up,” Stough said. “Especially in this generation, and in this world, it is really hard to keep going. It’s hard to find people that you can talk to. This song is a reminder that you will always have that one source that is always with you.”

Following his time on American Idol, Stough moved to Nashville to pursue music full-time.

“I have to give all glory to the good Lord,” Stough wrote on Instagram in August. “A year ago today I was working a full time job and also doing things on the side. Now I’m living in Nashville doing music full time. I can’t be more blessed to have made some of the great friends I’ve made and have a great fan base. If it wasn’t for you guys we couldn’t keep playing the shows we are.

“Thank you to the people that are making these awesome times happen,” he added, “from the people to the label, songwriters, fans, the awesome band members, and people who just stream my music.”

Pre-order Promiseland, and find all of Stough’s music here.