Brad Paisley to Launch American Highway Bourbon

Brad Paisley is joining artists like Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney and Thomas Rhett, among others, and launching his own line of liquor! The country music superstar announces his own American Highway Bourbon, available this month.

“Bourbon is like songwriting, it’s a blend of things coming together to make something incredible,” Paisley says. “These are really special barrels that saw more of the United States than most people I know.”

According to a press release, Paisley’s American Highway Bourbon is a whiskey that was aged in barrels stored in a 53-foot semi-trailer, which followed him on his 2019 nationwide tour, covering 7,314 miles across 25 states. That batch was then blended with three-year, 13-year and 15-year-old Kentucky bourbons to create what became American Highway Bourbon. A new batch, scheduled to be released in 2022, was aged on the Rolling Rickhouse during Paisley’s 2021 tour.

“It’s so similar to what goes into a great guitar,” Paisley says of creating his own line of bourbon. “The right woods, the right craftsmanship, the right alchemy that makes this intangible, magical thing, and that’s what makes this so great to me.”

Paisley worked with Bardstown Bourbon Company, located in Bardstown, Kentucky, including the Vice-President of New Product Development, Dan Callaway.

“You don’t get to see many celebrities that have such a technical palate,” Callaway says. “It was a super collaboration that resulted in a traveled bourbon in an exemplary expression.”

Callaway echoes Paisley’s claims of the uniqueness of the American Highway Bourbon, saying it is “a blend of four rye-forward bourbons ranging in age from 3 to 15 years.

“The flavor profile is incredibly unique,” he adds. “Subtle, complex, spicy, well-traveled. As we like to say, it was, ‘born in Kentucky, aged across America’.”

Only 30,000 bottles of the original American Highway Bourbon will be available. With a retail price of $99.99, the bourbon will be available in several states, as well as online here. Find more information at