Creed Fisher Premieres Personal ‘This Town’ Video [EXCLUSIVE]

The fun, and deeply personal, video for Creed Fisher’s “This Town” video is out! The video for the song, from his latest Whiskey And the Dog album, was shot in and around Fisher’s own Texas hometown, making it one of his favorites that he has ever released.

“I wanted it to pull at viewers’ heartstrings and make them proud to be from their hometowns,” Fisher tells Everything Nash, adding that his favorite part of filming was the cookout scene, where was surrounded by both good food and good friends.

“The song is about the place you grew up in that made you unique and who you are today,” he adds. “It’s about love and loss and real life.”

Fisher has worked out throughout his career to make sure that all of his songs, not just “This Town,” represent the majority of Americans.

“A big part of my music is patriotic and for the working class,” he says. “I relate to my music because I lived it … People will be like, ‘I’m glad he said that,’ and ‘He said things I wanna say but can’t say.'”

Fisher has never been afraid to share his personal story in his music, with any of the songs he has released.

“My songs tell a story of what I’m going through,  and like my life, my music is exploring what I’m feeling, both good and bad.”

Fisher once dreamed of being a professional football player, but once he discovered music, he realized he had found his calling.

“Overall, music is what I love and what I will continue to do as I watch those white lines on the highways continue to zip right past the window as life passes us all,” he says.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Aristo Media / Sabrina Schmidt